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Things you should know before working with a web designer

When people start working with a web designer, they have certain ideas in mind. While most people understand it takes time and skill to design a website, other people think it can be done quickly and cheaply. Unfortunately, this is a misconception born of not understanding what all goes into the process.

When people understand what the process is all about, they have different expectations and feel less stress when things seem to be taking longer than they think it should.

Here are some things everyone should take the time to consider before setting out to hire a website designer.


Given time and money, the possibilities are nearly endless

The majority of website builders first entered the field because they love the bringing to life the beauty that people envision. With that in mind, never hesitate to explain what you would like to see on your site. In all likelihood it will be possible.

There are a couple of things you do need to keep in mind, however. The more complicated your needs, the more time and money it will take to realise those needs.

It is also important to remember that if you decide well into the project that you would like something added or changed, it is very likely to take longer and cost more. This is because all the coding builds off of what comes before. This means that work has to be undone before it is redone.



It takes more than a magic wand

It would be great if someone could simply wave a magic wand and the perfect website would instantly appear. The reality is that this is not going to happen. In fact, the more complicated a website design is, the longer it will take to get up and running. You want your website to load quickly, but if it is thrown together quickly it is likely that you will have all  sorts of issues with it.

This rule also applies to any changes you want done to a completed website. The need to rewrite some of the coding means it will take time to become reality. It is better to have a designer tell you a site will take longer than intended to create than to under-estimate the time involved. Anything rushed presents an opportunity for errors and that is not what you want.

If you are not sure how long a change should be taking, think of it in the following terms:

  • Minor changes will take at least 24 hours
  • Medium changes can take from two to five days
  • Large changes can take well over a week, depending on what all is involved


Print design is different to web design

You show your designer a drawn rendition of what you want your website to look like. It is very likely that the end result will be similar, but not identical. This happens for a couple of reasons.

Every web browser will show your website looking a bit differently than every other browser. It is impossible to make things look exactly the same on every browser. In addition, the coding used to bring about the look you want is limited in a way that drawing by hand is not. A web designer will do everything possible to copy your drawing, but don’t be disappointed if it isn’t an exact rendition.



The colors of the rainbow

There are different ways that colors are rendered. Some colors, such as the exact blue of a spring sky, are nearly impossible to copy exactly. In addition, the same color will look differently on every device it is being viewed on. This is because everyone adjusts their computers to look good according to the way their eyes see.

Just as a photograph may not always provide an exact replica of a scene’s color, it is also not possible to make every color appear the same on a computer. The designer will work to come up with a color that is as close as possible, but can’t guarantee success.


working with a web designer

Databases, e-commerce and other apps

Complicated or detailed apps take a lot more time and effort than a simple website. You need to allow extra time for sites that include these types of things. Not only does it take more coding knowledge to create such an involved website, but making sure all the coding comes together to work flawlessly takes even more knowledge and skill.

If this is the kind of website you are seeking, you may want to ask yourself if having it customised is the right way to go. If you do decide you want your site to stand out, be prepared to invest more money and wait a bit longer for it to happen.



You’re working with a web designer for a reason

Most likely, you are working with a web designer for one of two reason – you don’t have the time to create a site yourself or you don’t have the skill required to do so. You want your site to do its main job, which is represent you and your business, and have decided to hire a professional to make that possible. With these things in mind, there are a couple of things that are good to remember.

  • Your web designer is human, please use respect when dealing with him or her.
  • Your wishes are important, but the designer knows what is possible. Just as he will listen to your ideas, take the time to consider his ideas as well.

If you are willing to do the above, the relationship you develop will be a good one. That good relationship translates into a website that reflects the best possible version of you and your business. Working together, you can have the website of your dreams.


By Aaron Enright



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