Website Hosting Terms and Conditions

All resources are limited to one extent or another and our unlimited plans are no different in this respect. Our unlimited usage plan simply ensures that your service and billing is not affected if your usage spikes or you are using more than the average amount of resources.

We will contact you to discuss alternative options going forward if you are continually using a high level of resources beyond what is considered reasonable. There will not be any charges in arrears.

Examples of what we may consider to be excessive usage could be:

  • You stream audio, video or Podcasts
  • You use the space to backup large files or large quantities of files
  • You use the space for file-sharing purposes
  • You use the account to host files for other websites
  • You collect email for other domain names

If we find that your website falls outside of our fair use policy we will contact you to discuss alternative arrangements going forward. It is at our sole discretion as to how much traffic and disc space usage is acceptable.