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WordPress CMS V3.6 is now available

WordPress is an open source CMS platform commonly used as a blog. It runs on PHP code and uses MySQL for its database functions. As of 2009, WordPress CMS (Content Management System) overtook Joomla as the most popular CMS in use today, even outperforming Drupal.

Today, the WordPress CMS features all the great user-friendly content management capability that has made WordPress the most popular website development platform in the world. These sites are based on the WordPress blog platform, but at HyperCube we customise the navigation and layout structure in order to create a more traditional looking website with more intuitive navigation. Check out some examples of websites we have built.


Plenty of plugins to suit the WordPress CMSrobot standing behind wordpress cms

The WordPress CMS has many useful features, including the ability to add plugins that are either designed by us or by other third party developers. However, one of the problems we have encountered when using standard plugins, is that each developer has their own specific style of coding. This can sometimes cause interoperability issues when several plugins are installed within the same website.

We can develop our own custom plugin modules, providing us with complete control of the functionality and integration with other plugins. There are many standard WordPress Themes or Skins available, which can reduce the overall development cost of your new WordPress website. Bear in mind that these templates or skins are available to anyone, so you have no exclusivity.


WordPress custom templates and themes

We usually develop our website projects as WordPress custom designs, ensuring that our clients get a site that meets their unique needs and represents their brand in a differentiated way. Of course this costs a bit more than downloading a free WordPress theme or template, but it really depends on how serious you are about your web presence and brand integrity (our WordPress sites are still very affordable).


Optimising your WordPress website for Google search

One of the aspects that we like about the WordPress CMS is that it can easily be optimised for Google search. Unlike many proprietary CMS platforms, all of the critical Meta tags can be customised, as can the page URL. These are essential elements that help your new site become visible to Google and in turn, appear high up in organic keyword searches.

If you are looking for a new WordPress website that sets your business apart from the crowd, HyperCube has the experience and knowledge to build something really special just for you.

Find out more about the powerful WordPress CMS here.


By Aaron Enright


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