Why Homepage Sliders Can Be Ineffective

The thing about web design is that there’s trends that have fallen out of favour. Not every new stylistic choice that people have come up with is good for making the most out of a website. 

Homepage sliders are a pretty good example of that. It’s not something you’ll always want to use for your website, and here’s a couple of reasons why this is the case. 

The Dangers of Banner Blindness

Homepage sliders are quite prone to what a lot of people call “banner blindness”. It’s a phenomenon where people become desensitised to anything that resembles an advertisement, to the point where they just tune it out and pretend it doesn’t exist. 

It means that all you’re doing is wasting time and resources for something that’s not going to be noticed, so it’s pointless to use them. 

Sliders Aren’t Accessible

The thing about sliders is that they aren’t all that accessible when you get down to the heart of the matter. It’s not anything you’re doing wrong as a business, but they aren’t built to be that way. 

Nearly all carousels aren’t built for people with visual impairments, as there’s only ever some small arrows which allow you to change the information on the page. You can begin to understand how many see this as being exclusive for those who do have an issue like that, and why they want it stopped. 

No Mobile Optimisation

So, here is a problem with sliders that wasn’t planned for 10 years ago. They often don’t have any mobile optimisation at all. What this means is that people who have sliders on their website can’t actually appeal to a large portion of Internet users these days. The information isn’t displayed to the people who are accessing the site on a mobile, and the number of people who do that is growing every day. So you can begin to understand why sliders have fallen out of favour with companies that want to appeal to a modern generation.

Sliders Take Control Away

The problem with a slider is that it breaks one of the fundamental rules of a good website, and that is the problem of they don’t allow users to be in control. With some carousels set on a rotating pattern, the person viewing the information can not influence what they look at. From a user experience perspective, it’s not a good idea to take control away like that. 

So overall, you can begin to see that homepage sliders aren’t always a good idea for a website. They’re a design idea that might have been popular during the earlier stages of the web, but now that the internet has grown and developed they’ve fallen out of favour. It’s pretty easy to see why you need to try and avoid these types of design elements – they don’t look right and can’t appeal to the modern audience all that well. 

Inclusivity is the name of the game now, and with no mobile optimisation and no ability to provide for people with visual impairments, you’ll find yourself out of luck pretty quickly. 

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