Why Google Reviews Are Important in 2019?

Let’s face it. When it comes to the success of our business online, there’s one platform we all have to master. It doesn’t matter if you’re the owner of a multi-billion dollar company or a small local business, you have to be in the most popular search engine on the internet: Google.

Google is the largest target for almost all digital marketing efforts in the world. Aside from establishing your online presence in the search engine, you also have to consider a lot of things like your search engine ranking, impressions, and last but not the least, your business’ Google Reviews.

So what can you get from online reviews?

Why Google Reviews Are Important in 2019?

In a highly competitive market filled with consumers who “research” before they buy something online, reviews matter more than ever. Consumers are smarter now. They don’t just buy from brands without reason, they now scrutinize companies before they decided to engage with them.

By reading online reviews, consumers can determine if the business is trustworthy or has a bad reputation. Many businesses out there lose out on potential customers and opportunities because they don’t pay attention to their reviews.

Are reviews really important? How can they benefit your business?

Trust and Authority

Online reviews are just like word-of-mouth reviews. We value honest, credible, and unsolicited personal recommendations. As social creatures we tend to trust fellow consumers who have tried or bought a particular product or service. Sometimes we even trust reviews more than what the website copy says about the product.

Who doesn’t want to buy products from a trustworthy source?

Acquiring testimonials is very important if you want to succeed in marketing your business online. Good reviews influence potential customers to buy from you. It can even impact your business way more than you think. The truth is consumers are unlikely to buy goods from a vendor who doesn’t have social proof or has a bad reputation.

SEO Benefits SEO Benefits

Online reviews are not just powerful influencing tools, they also help your business move up in the local search engine rankings. In fact, it has been found out that google reviews are considered one of the best ways to boost local SEO rankings in 2019.

Companies who want to improve their SEO should work on acquiring and improving their reviews on google. Positive reviews will lead to more clicks through your site. This will also improve traffic on your website and lead to a higher conversion rate.

With so many competitors and new businesses emerging each day, paid advertising becomes less and less effective in saturated markets. Organic search results is still the best way to move you in the first page. So if you’re investing in SEO for your business, Google reviews can give you a great advantage.

Valuable Insights

Reviews are amazing ways to gain insights and feedback from your customers. It will allow you to understand what your business is doing wrong or right without having to invest in a business coach. This information is invaluable as they can help you create strategies on how to improve your product or service.

A good business owner will use reviews to test and optimize the areas that need improvement. The better customer experience you can provide, the more positive reviews you’ll receive, and eventually the higher your business will show on Google’s search result. Reviews can increase your exposure and chance of getting potential customers.

How To Deal With Bad Reviews?

Bad reviews from an upset customer can easily tarnish you good record but it isn’t something to be particularly alarmed about. The best way to handle bad reviews is to reply to them and apologize.

The way you handle bad reviews also says a lot about your business. If other customers can see how willing you are to fix the situation or provide help to the distressed customer, they will most likely ignore the bad review.

Good reviews = Good business.

At the end of the day, your business is as only as good as how you treat your customers. You may have the best product or service in the world, but if you’re not working towards creating great customer experiences, you’ll eventually lose to your biggest competitors.

As business owners, we have to understand how important our online reputation and reviews are. You have more control than you think over how customers and potential customers view your business.


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