Why and How Chatbots Are Elevating Customer Experience While Reducing Bounce Rate

 “Hi! If you have any questions, I’m here to help.”

Sounds a lot familiar, right? Can’t recognize it? Well, let me tell you that this is the very phrase that pops up on any business webpage or technical website your visit. Even before you make sure that you have opened the right link, chat notification pop-up alerts, and reassures you that somebody is there to resolve your queries.

  • So why are chatbots the next big thing?

Chatbots are the revolutionary substitute for customer support. They are an automated computer program that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to understand and respond accordingly when spoken to. Their programming can range from a simple keyword recognizing algorithm to a complex and intricate conversation holder for specific issues.

According to recent statistics about chatbots, 80% of businesses are expected to integrate some form of chatbot system by the end of the year 2020. These estimated figures, if proven right by the end of the year, would clearly be assisting a lot of businesses in many ways.

How Chatbots Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Conversions

The following are the five main ways how chatbots have significantly reduced bounce rates and increased conversions for businesses that have readily embraced the new technological reform.

1.     Chatbots Deliver An Engaging Customer Experience.

Mainly, it is precisely what chatbots do is to deliver an engaging customer experience. From a customer’s point of view, many times, we visit a webpage to help us answer a query. But a lot of content on the home page may be complicated to find exactly what you are looking for. From navigating the website for you to connecting you to an enhanced customer support system, chatbots do it all.

2.     They Bridge The Interpersonal Communication Gap.

No need to have a whole team of customer support staff sitting and waiting on calls to answer frequently asked questions day after day. Now you can have an automated chatbot making these regular conversations for you, whereas you make use of your customer support staff for the more technical side of things that are more skilled based. A chatbot can not only continue to answer FAQs but, once asked for, can connect you to a person behind the help desk to help you.

3.     They Make the Conversion Process Smooth and Memorable.

Bounce rate refers to a percentage of your website visitors who enter the site but leave without any sort of interaction with your content and abandon their visit midway. The higher the rate, the more you should be worried about your website because it is not engaging enough. A great way to counter this notion is to introduce the chatbot system. It makes the conversion process smooth by readily interacting with the visitor as soon as they enter and make it memorable throughout for them to come back.

4.     Easy To Resolve Your Queries and Doubts

Imagine having a great experience with an online research paper service and getting your work done on time. However, now you are faced with some editing problems, and you don’t know where to get your answers and clear your doubts about extra payments. The obvious route would be to revisit the website and find an FAQ section, but what if a chatbot is already there to ask you? What a great sense of relief it would be to have a consequent answer right on your fingertips.

5.     Collect and Analyze Essential Customer Data and Feedback

Chatbots are great to collect as well as analyze customer data. Many customers carry on with a website even next time if their experience has been excellent from the get-go. Chatbots make sure to check depending on how the customer interacts and are programmed to consume the data input in a useful manner to tell whether a customer would visit again or not.

In conclusion;

Chatbots are a great way to sell your content and product without putting in more time and effort into it. Engaging content and a good quality product might be the core ingredient to keep your business working. Still, interactive elements like chatbots that cater to the customer experience make it all the more worthwhile.

Author Bio: Melissa Calvert is currently working as a Web Design Expert and Academic Writer at Crowd Writer, one of the academic writing services UK. Having completed a four-month diploma in Chatbots and marketing tactics, she is quite an expert in the field. For further reading about her opinions, you can check out her blog.

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