ssl certificates https

Google Chrome is taking action against 'insecure' websites

At the end of January 2017, Google Chrome web browser version…
influencer marketing

How to use influencer marketing

Have you seen celebrities ‘accidentally’ endorse a product?…
building your email list

How to build your email marketing list

Continuing on from where we finished with our post, 'E-commerce…
ecommerce website success

E-commerce - the science of online sales

Online shopping is becoming the norm for a vast number of consumers,…
google adwords account suspended

Why can’t Google give me a straight answer?!

Does it frustrate the heck out of you when Google won't tell…
password security

Your passwords aren’t as secure as you think.

Managing passwords for all your online logins is a headache for…
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8 Facts about SEO for better search results

SEO is an evolving concept that helps websites gain visibility…
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Simple SEO techniques to optimise your e-commerce store

One of the biggest factors that will determine the success of…
on page seo checklist

Killer SEO Checklist

When it comes to SEO there are a lot of factors that you need…
links should not say click here

Why your links should never say click here

One of the more tricky topics that many website owners may still…
business success or failure

Importance of High Quality and Professional Web Design When Building a Website

Establishing a strong web presence is of paramount importance…
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5 Steps to SEO-friendly Web Copy

When creating or updating your business website, one of your…
case studies

Using studies to great effect on your website

Getting a real life opinion from someone is always more helpful,…
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Things you should know before working with a web designer

When people start working with a web designer, they have certain…
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11 Small business website marketing tips you must know

Countless small business owners struggle with the task of website…
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Tips for correctly using social media for marketing

Online marketing and social media go hand in hand, allowing you…
terms and conditions

Tips for adding a Terms and Conditions page to your website

Customers thrive on information about the businesses they utilise.…
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What does a website cost in NZ?

What does a website cost in NZ? It’s one of the common questions…
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How do I legally use images on my website?

Finding attractive and relevant pictures for your website complements…
seo machine

3 Ways to turn your blog into an SEO machine

You may be surprised to realize that over 80% of all blogs just…
seo checklist

2015 SEO checklist infographic

  Thanks to IDF Marketing for the infographic