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Web developers say: “Get rid of Internet Explorer”

If you’re browsing the worldwide web using Internet Explorer you’re most likely not experiencing everything that the web has to offer. Microsoft consistently fails to provide many features that other web browsers do. These features allow web developers to build more powerful, better performing websites and applications.

Many IE users are completely unaware of this until they use another browser. The ease of use and functionality simply isn’t there in IE. Even basic webpages often take longer to load in Internet Explorer due to the way it processes the page.

If you visit the HTML5 Demos site you’ll see just how lacking in features IE is. A common argument as to why Internet Explorer doesn’t support many of these features is that they are not standardised yet. So why do other browsers not have issues with incorporating new technology?

From a web developer’s perspective, we see that any new technology that is implemented by the major web browsers becomes the new de-facto standard. So why Microsoft sits back and waits to see how things play out is a mystery. The web develops at such a rapid pace this seems incredibly inefficient of Microsoft.


IE creates extra work for web developers

All web developers constantly have to tweak and add extra code to websites just to make them render correctly in Internet Explorer. Almost without exception, when we develop a new website it will work flawlessly on all browsers….except IE. The additional effort that goes into fixing issues that only affect Internet Explorer users is a waste of our time and our client’s money.


How bad is it?

IE is so far broken that all the super glue in the world couldn’t keep it together. The first thing we ask if we have a report of a website misbehaving is if this is happening in Internet Explorer. The second question we ask is if it’s version 8.

In addition to not providing many features that competing browsers do, IE is more vulnerable to security exploits and there are some very real security concerns. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll see what I mean. IE also reads a website in a completely different way to other browsers due to an old and inefficient design.

Many newer websites won’t interact with IE as expected, especially with version 8. Older than version 8?  Sorry, we won’t support it at all. We’re expecting in the next six months we’ll stop supporting IE8 as well. Please upgrade to the current version or, better still, change browser entirely.

It’s not like there isn’t plenty of choice out there and the options are all free. For a superior browsing experience try Chrome, Safari or the web developer’s weapon of choice – Firefox.


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