social video marketing strategy

Is your business using video marketing?

Is your business using video in your online marketing strategy? If not, then you best be getting started on developing a strategy as soon as possible!

Video sharing as a content marketing strategy comes with many benefits, and has grown to be one of the most effective ways to build a brand online. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2017, 67% of all consumer web traffic will come from video. But why does video work so well?

Videos are engaging: Many Internet users are starting to prefer video to text and audio, and for good reason: videos are able to capture the user’s attention, while at the same time convey a message.

Videos are entertaining: They enjoy the distinct advantage of being able to entertain, while also informing.

Videos increase your credibility: Videos are unique in that they can help increase your brand integrity, and establish you as an authority in your industry. They give you the advantage of being able to deliver your message to many people at the same time.

Video marketing is quickly becoming the preferred method of online marketing: Luckily for businesses, there are a several different social platforms to take advantage of. This infographic gives a good overview of the most used ones, and how your business can get started on them.

Social video marketing starter guide infographic


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