Actionable Tips for Automating SEO Processes

Businesses of all industries as well as sizes need to implement SEO best practices. Every brand striving to reach their audience and make an impact resorts to optimizing every digital step they take precisely for this very purpose. SEO, however, remains to be just one of a myriad of crucial steps for every business out there. With customer support, branding, social media management, client communication, and product release to take care of (among so many other tasks), SEO is not really high on the list of priorities for business owners.

For that very reason, too many brands struggle with subpar methods that fail to meet their needs for growth. While it’s unrealistic to expect from business owners to focus solely and predominantly on SEO, there are simple, but highly effective ways to get better results from this one, exceptionally relevant piece of your digital puzzle – and automation is one of them.

Tracking the impact of your campaigns

You’ll often see businesses pour all of their time, effort, and money into crafting seemingly impeccable SEO and marketing campaigns, only to fail to follow through and check how effective they really are. Then again, if you allocate too many resources on the single task of tracking campaigns and then summarizing the data into usable reports – you’ll be wasting those resources on tasks that can be done much faster and more accurately by software solutions.

You’ll come across a range of tracking and reporting tools that are designed to recognize relevant metrics from a slew of collected data, and they are still customizable enough for you to adapt the approach for every single campaign you need. Once you choose your key performance indicators, or KPIs for short, you can also use the very same tools to watch how they fluctuate over time and adjust your strategy on the go.

Link building and prospecting

We can safely say that link building is not the most exciting of tasks in SEO, in fact, any part of SEO can be dubbed exciting per se. However, you’ll see the most ferocious business owners shudder at the mention of the practice, simply because it takes so much time and effort to cultivate a decent link building strategy. Add influencers to the mix, and you’ll find yourself in an SEO conundrum that might as well cost you your sanity.

Enter: automation. If you implement automation with the help of reliable link building tools, you can simplify and quicken the entire process from start to finish. That means that these tools are designed to sift through enormous amounts of data, filter the ones that matter for your brand based on your own parameters and preferences, and even evaluate the prospects you have considered prior to taking this step in automation. That way, you can stop wasting time on futile prospects and work on building bonds with those that can actually make a difference for your SEO efforts.

Keyword research

Considered the very backbone of any SEO strategy, keywords need to be carefully picked, assessed, and monitored as you implement your campaigns. This is yet another tedious, but vital task in the chase for that prime spot on Google and other search engines, but automation has been perfected to such an extent, that you can sleep peacefully knowing your keyword research tools are doing an exquisite job. As a result, not only will these search engines appreciate your effort, but your audience will have an easier time finding you when they need your services.

Manually searching for keywords, sifting through endless spreadsheets, and compiling longtail phrases for your website as well as your PPC campaigns should be a thing of the past. Amplify your efforts with the help of Google Trends and similar tools to source the finest bits of language your brand can use to rank better. Furthermore, you can use tools such as Google AdWords that specialize in determining which keywords have the best potential to work in your favor.  

Keeping an eye on your backlinks

The work of an SEO expert is never truly done, so even if you have managed to earn a decent reputation in the search engines as well as industry experts, you never know how well you’re doing until you check the numbers. The need to monitor your keyword effectiveness as well as your backlink profile means that all the work you’ve done to pick out the best prospects and influencers will be futile unless they produce the desired effect.

Considering how powerful earning those backlinks is for your SEO, it pays to invest in tools that can give you the needed insights for fueling future campaigns as well. Then again, you might not even be aware of your brand name or any link from your website appearing elsewhere on the web, as well as the context in which it appears. Some tools such as Ahrefs let you involve a range of different factors, such as competitor ranking as well, in addition to monitoring your own ranking, all of which can be pivotal in determining the best way to move forward with your SEO efforts.


SEO will always be a balance of hard work and these simplifying solutions to take the edge off and help you define your strategy better. Make the most of these automation tools and methods so that you can focus on other equally relevant aspects of growing your business, and your SEO campaigns will remain as impactful as ever, if not even more with the help of automation.

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