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The Importance of Good Copywriting For Your Website

Investing in your website’s copywriting is a great way to stand out from the rest of your competitors. Imagine if you’re a customer searching online for the best service. Would you choose a business that offers messy, poorly written and generic content, or one that’s full of engaging, informative, and useful information on their website? I’m sure you would choose the latter.

Why Your Web Copy Matters

Good copywriting satisfies two of your website’s most important audiences: the search engine and the customer. Websites with great content add value not only to their business’ reputation but also to their industry.

Many website owners spend all their time and money on website design but don’t pay attention to good copy. Yes, a professional looking design is important to the success of your website but it’s only half the equation. Good copy is equally important, and you could argue more important in some cases.

People tend to stick with first impressions, making it very important to show professionalism and authority in your web copy. With an overload of information and options on the web, readers can easily move from your site to another if they can’t find the information they’re looking for. And chances are they will never go back to your website again.

So how do you create a good copy? If you have lots of time and desire to learn, you can learn how to write good copy yourself. However, If you’re not confident about your writing ability the safest thing to do is hire a great copywriter. A professional copywriter has all the experience and know-how to create copy that will not only be great for visitor retention, it’ll also attract search engines and improve rankings.


What Makes Good Web Copy?

1.   It highlights your brand’s strengths and values

Just as a copywriter’s job is to create fresh content for marketing and advertising to entice readers, the purpose of website copywriting is to engage and persuade readers to do business with you.

Why is your brand/business worth listening to? Why are you worth their attention? Skilled copywriters know how to write for a specific audience. They know what words to use and what buttons to push in order to persuade with sincerity and authority.

2.   It increases your website traffic

Good copywriting is written for SEO. It is engaging, friendly, purposeful, and shareable to your readers. You know you’ve done your content well if you’re seeing an increase in your traffic. A good copywriter will use keywords to direct the right traffic to your website. With the right keywords, you can reach potential customers easier and faster.

3.   It includes clean, engaging, and useful content

Writing persuasive copy starts with clean writing. If you’re writing for the web, you have to understand that less is more. Shorter paragraphs, sentences, and words are better. No needless repetition. No unnecessary words. But that doesn’t mean that you should only put a couple of paragraphs on each page.

Clarity is crucial in a good copy. A good copywriter will never attempt to confuse their readers by using highfalutin or big words. They also know when to use humor (or not) in order to hook readers to your website. Here’s a tip. In order to make your writing clean and engaging, always use the active voice.

4.   It boosts your sales

You can write the best web copy in the world, but if it doesn’t have any call to action what’s the point? Perfectly-written web copy will include lots of properly placed call to action and internal links. It doesn’t complicate the customer’s experience by giving vague information. It’s direct to the point. Good copy tells customers how to buy and engage in your service in the most convenient way. In other words, it provides a clear pathway so that your customers can convert and easily do business with you.


In Summary

Your web copy should entice customers to spend time on your website – not turn to your competitors. I hope this article has given you valuable insights about the importance of good web copywriting. Remember that while bad web design can be an eyesore, bad web copy can give readers a headache.

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