Do You Know How to Successfully Combine Your Marketing Strategy with SEO?

We are living moments of extreme competitiveness. The digital world is changing and evolving extremely fast. There are thousands of websites competing every day for more attention and increased sales. Millions of new posts and pieces of content are being launched every minute by marketers, each of them having something unique. Blog posts, GIFs, infographics, videos, and so on, they are all here to convince the consumers to order your products.

The consumers will always choose the product that solves their problem. Therefore, it is up to you to find the content that makes consumers convert. You need to be visible and create the wow effect when you present your products. By combining your marketing strategies with SEO, you will make people remember the experience they had with your products. This article is going to show you the best tricks in this direction and will help you create stories that engage your target audience.

How Marketing Strategies and SEO Can Work Best Together?

SEO cannot exist on its own. It needs to be associated with a marketing strategy to help you create high-quality content. Content marketing plays a crucial role in the success of your business in the online world. SEO compliments your marketing strategy and helps you stand out of the crowd. Below you can find some tips on how you can best combine SEO with your marketing strategy.

Make your content as natural as possible

Incorporate SEO in your content strategy. However, you need to make sure that your content stays natural. Google has very clear guidelines when it comes to ranking. Therefore, if you want to be on top of the results, you need to combine wisely your content strategy and SEO. On the other hand, you have to also please your customers. This means that, before you start writing the content you should ask yourself the following questions: “How do I help my users with this piece of content?” and “How would I write my content if I didn’t have to follow Google’s rules?”

By combining SEO techniques with the content strategy, you will have a unique website that provides engaging content. Your clients will be happy with your products and understand what you have to offer. Google with be also happy because you followed its guidelines and thus will rank you on top.

Define your target audience

The success or failure of your business depends on your customers. You need to know what attracts them the most and understand what are the solutions they are looking for. In addition, you can target your audience based on age, occupation, location, gender, etc. Even though you are doing it using online tools, you are practically having a conversation with your customers. Therefore, your present marketing strategy and SEO combination needs to “speak your customers’ language”.

You can understand what works best for them by analyzing the following elements:

  • Customer engagement – examine which were the topics and styles that made your customers engage the most. You can easily identify what interests your customers the most focus on those topics.
  • Customer journey – check which is your customers’ buying behavior. There are people who use different devices to do product research and finalize shopping. By understanding their conversion, you will be able to adapt and increase your sales.
  • Do your customer analysis – you need to listen to your customers and understand how they interact with your brand. Check the trends and do the efforts to deliver the amazing experiences to your customers.

Research for relevant keywords

If you want to successfully combine your marketing strategy with SEO, one of the first steps you need to follow is determining which are the trendiest keywords of the momentum. Then you can select the keywords relevant to the topic you want to deliver. They will help you make your business more visible online and catch your target audience’s attention.

When you start your keyword research, you definitely have a purpose in your mind. Therefore, it is very important to keep it on top of your mind and use keywords to create valuable content and memorable stories. Your keywords will help you make your audience feel the experience you try to create and should make them come for more.

Attract your customers with link building

Even though link building is seen as a SEO strategy, it is actually a great option to help you combine SEO and your marketing strategy. You can increase your number of visitors by placing your links on different guest posts and place them on popular websites, known for their increased traffic. You can increase your content’s effectiveness thanks to this strategy and so catch the consumer’s attention on your products and services.

Combine quantity with quality

There are many marketers who think they should focus on quality. While it might be true that if you want to keep your customers loyal, you should answer their questions and give them solutions to some of their most important problems, quality is not everything in a marketing strategy. On the other hand, you cannot focus just on quantity. How many potential customers do you think spend their time to check your website and understand what you are dealing with? Therefore, neither quantity nor quality will help your website if they are used alone.

You have to actually combine the two and create relevant content for your customers. You need to focus on quality if you want to turn on any potential customer. But, you also need quantity. Consistency plays a very important role in the marketing strategy. So, if you want to keep your customers engaged, you should post relevant content regularly.

Measure your results and take action

How can you improve your marketing strategy if you don’t measure your results? You can compare the unproductive content with those pieces of content that had a tremendous success. After all, it was the same person who produced that content, isn’t it?. Therefore, by comparing them you will understand where you did something different and what convinced your customers.

In addition, you need to also measure which were those pieces of content that stood out. Thus, you can try to replicate its success and use “the recipe” once again. In addition, you can tune your content based on the engagement rate and the profiles of your visitors.

Combining your marketing strategy with SEO is critical for your business. You want clients to find you easier and understand very fast what type of products you offer. Therefore, you need to use this combination to outrank your competitors and become the best on your market. Furthermore, make sure that you use the right tools to analyze the results.

By Erica Sunarjo

Erica Sunarjo graduated from South Texas College majoring in Marketing and Creative Writing. She used her knowledge to make a difference in the realm of business copywriting and invested heavily in traveling and language learning. At present, Erica is fluent in French and Spanish, studying Chinese and working her way to being a multilingual copywriter. She keeps track of the latest trends in IT and technologies, blogs about efficient strategies in education and business coaching, holds educational webinars. Right now Erica is the most effective writer in The Word Point.

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