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What makes a successful content marketing strategy?

The preparation required to bring a successful content marketing strategy into existence and then further elevate it to its required position is a tremendous task. If you are a marketer you should learn to prioritise before dabbling in this arena. Good prioritising skills are a valuable asset in order to overcome various challenges and reach the goal you set for yourself.

Content Marketing Tactics Planner 2014 is the Curata’s third annual study of around 500 marketers and their recent or new content marketing strategies. The results of this survey show the top and most used content marketing tactics, priorities and hurdles.



Interesting content marketing findings

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Let’s review the top most trends in detail so that you can benefit from these and use this information to your best advantage.



Drive sales and leads

The most important task for most marketers was to utilise the content marketing strategy to increase or drive the sales to a better position. This trend further establishes the importance of never forgetting about the importance obtaining the lead in market, by utilising all possible means.

The marketers further reported that via effective content marketing around 60% managed to increase the sale quality and quantity. Hence, you should be vigilant about putting up fresh and up-to-date content on your site or blog, as it helps by roping-in customers and thus boosts sales.

Fresh content attracts more visitors and as your brand awareness increases and readers start to recognise your brand, they will be more attentive for any and all content updates from the brand.



Increase consumer engagement

All the successful marketers know for a fact that attracting consumers and influencers is what content marketing is all about! As the consumer engagement improves the sale leads will invariably increase too.

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The Curata’s 2014 tactics reveal that content marketing has a direct impact on costumer engagement; in fact 76% of marketers reported an increase in buyer/customer engagement as a result of effective content marketing. Therefore, explore the areas that your customers are most interested in and provide them value for their money.

Customers are always coming back to the topics of their interest; so you should publish ideas that revolve around your customer favourites, to increase your costumer engagement.

Never underestimate the power of social media, keep constant appearances and conversations with your customers going through blogging and social media and you will get yourself your loyal fan base.


Get ready for the challenges as a content marketer

Inadequate human resources
The vast amount of information available in online sources is tough to keep up with. Unfortunately not all the available staff can be dedicated to content research and publishing. So as a result it can be a difficult task to produce quality and quantity at the same time. As the readers are interested in fresh information each day, a lack of new content can cause them to deviate to other sources to find it.

Restricted budget
The budget allocated to content developers and publishers, whether they are freelancers or staff members can be quite insufficient if you have to pay them over-time as well. The cost of original content can be quite high. Breaking the bank becomes a reality for many content marketers when they are faced with the challenge of producing original quality content every day to quench consumer demand.

Stable content production
Developing and publishing of original content on a regular basis is not only a tough job for your content development team but also tough financially. All the marketers consider continually producing good quality content using a limited staff and narrow budget to be an excruciating job. But a consistent and stable flow of content is the only way your content will get noticed by its readers who are bombarded with information every time they go online.

Using trustworthy resources
All the useless data, spammers and white noise can make it a real challenge to find a reliable basis of information unless you spend hours of your already precious time specifically on this task. However, this is perhaps the most important time spent, as reliable resources boost your authenticity. Once you have established a relationship with a reliable resource the most efficient way to keep up with their information flow is via RSS feed.


All these challenges make content marketing a tough act to keep up, but with new technological advances constantly coming to our aid, it will become a more manageable job that can be much more simpler, productive and creative.


The actual challenge

Challenges like limited staff, budget, content quantity and quality are all real but manageable and therefore easy to resolve with effective planning using content management systems or curation tools. Curata and editorial calendar good examples of these tools. These curation tools are a good helping hand for your marketing team, and will help you to manage the budget, staff productivity and make publishing of relevant and quality content a regular and stress-free task.

The releasing of new content to create the desired impact is a more pressing matter. Here, the job is to find out the favourite topics of your readers and to promote your content to the targeted audience. The key is to successfully promote your marketing campaign, or all your work will be to no avail.


Assessing the effect of your content

Measuring the impact that your content is creating can be as simple as tracking how many times each of your blogs are read and shared. By pinpointing the topics of interest you can ensure more relevant content creation and filter out the less popular ones.


Promote your content

content marketing pyramidPromoting your content is essential to get the most out of the effort you put in creating and publishing it. Utilise the content marketing pyramid method to get the desired results. Turn your eBooks into webinars, the webinars into attractive infographics, these infographics into a string of engaging blogs, and your popular blogs into catchy and widespread social media campaigns. Make sure your target audience is receiving your content and they will follow you with reverence.

Content marketing is not exactly a new innovation. It’s used by some of the largest organisations in the world, such as Microsoft and Coca Cola. It’s also suitable and effective for small businesses right here in New Zealand.

The essence of content marketing is that if we deliver relevant and valuable information to buyers, we will be rewarded with their business. The objective is to attract and engage potential consumer segments that will result in an increase in business for you.



Content marketing is highly effective

Content marketing is not exactly a new innovation. It’s used by some of the largest organisations in the world, such as Microsoft and Coca Cola. It’s also suitable and effective for small businesses right here in New Zealand.

The essence of content marketing is that if we deliver relevant and valuable information to buyers, we will be rewarded with their business. The objective is to attract and engage potential consumer segments that will result in an increase in business for you.

It’s an effective way to deliver information to your customers and prospects, and be seen as a leader in your field. Instead of trying to sell your products and services, you supply people with information that is helpful and educational. Don’t use this as a platform to sell from, see it as a way to share information that will build your brand awareness and reputation to a point where you become the logical choice for someone seeking the products you offer.

Content marketing can include any type of content that attracts an audience that you want to market to. Blog posts, video, and downloadable white papers or e-books are just some of the methods available for disseminating information. It’s really a matter of establishing which is going to be most appropriate for your product, market, as well as the time and budget available for content creation.

When you release high quality, valuable information freely, you can expand the reach of your brand if viral sharing occurs. Create valuable content, make it easy to share, and watch it spread. If people are willing to share your content with their friends then that is seen as a vote of confidence for your company.

Content marketing is acknowledged as being a great way to improve your presence in Google. The search engine giant has made it clear that providing fresh, relevant and helpful information on your website will have a positive effect on your websites ranking.



Start with a blog

If you aren’t actively using a blog on your website you should be. Add content on a regular basis that is achievable by you, that is of interest to your visitors and contains key words that you want to be found by.

A quote from Google on fresh content

As we announced just over a week ago, we’ve made a significant improvement to how we rank fresh content. This change impacts roughly 35 percent of total searches (around 6-10% of search results to a noticeable degree) and better determines the appropriate level of freshness for a given query.

There is nothing revolutionary about producing good content to form a connection with prospects and clients. But, done correctly, content marketing is a highly effective strategy for building your brand and improving the position of your website in the search engine results.

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Hope this helps you to develop a successful content marketing strategy.

By Aaron Enright





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