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Tips for correctly using social media for marketing

Online marketing and social media go hand in hand, allowing you to reach a potentially endless stream of individuals rapidly. The second your social media item reaches the hands of one individual you have the rest of their engaged and excited social sphere at your fingertips. This is true for every audience, every product, and every market; anywhere in the world.

Perhaps the only detraction from social media marketing is that you have to keep reinventing yourself as your social marketing has a horridly short shelf-life.

All the different social platforms are constantly changing and the elasticity and practicality of their use is always drawn into question. The number of social network regulars has remained pretty constant for some time, but that’s not to say it will always be. Add in niche social networks, the blogs, content curation sites, and other avenues and you see the dilemma. Focus is key in the social sphere.


Understanding What’s Happening…

You need to know your goals. You also need to know which platforms are going to be the best for your business. At present it looks like:

  • Twitter connects you with the influence peddlers
  • Facebook connects users with non-users
  • Pinterest emphasises the visual aesthetic
  • StumbleUpon connects random traffic
  • Google Plus commands authority
  • LinkedIn connects you with business leader


Tag, you’re it!

Tagging users may seem like a good idea. Even if you don’t know someone, tagging them to get a response to a product or service could seem like a wise idea. This is definitely not how you should utilise tagging.

Tagging only works when you are tagging someone who should be tagged for your product. You need to be sure that you are not offending someone who doesn’t like to be “tagged.” You also need to be sure that you know exactly who you are tagging. If you come across as an overly-pushy salesperson, that is the wrong tactic to take.

dont tag everyone when doing your social media marketing

Don’t dump your links

Sharing relevant links is a great tool for social media. But you don’t want to just go and tag anything and everything! You don’t want the links you post to be personal links which could seem too sales driven. You want your links to strike up a conversation; not turn people off to you and your message.

Social media is all about being social, so get social!


Looking visual

If you have graphics, images, or other visual tools to show off how amazing your product is then you should use these! Images get shared more than anything else on social media so if you have the images you should do so. Make a slideshow, show off some images, and get people talking so that your product can become all the rage!

You would hate to miss an opportunity to show off your product to a customer.


Consistency is key

Social media has got a good term in it: “social.” How do you maintain social relationships? You contribute to them regularly. If your social media friends begin to think they are having a conversation with no one or that you don’t really care about their presence, they will leave as quickly as they showed up. Social media credibility is the same as street credibility.  You need to use it or lose it!

Plus the more active you are with your users the better you will get at talking with them, on and off line.


Go for the gold

Maybe the biggest hurdle that you are going to have from social media is actually meeting your clients in person. If you are not a people person you are going to have to use all the tools you have learned in building your following online but you’ll have to take it into the real world. You can get real connections made in person.

By touting yourself as confident as you can you will have a great deal of success in the transition from social media to the real world.



One of the biggest secrets to success in social media is that there are no “secrets.” You really just need to work hard, keep up your connections, make as many offline partners as you can, and keep everything in the virtual and real world running smoothly!


By Aaron Enright


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