Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube… Social media channels are more varied than ever and growing in popularity. Do you already have a presence on social media or is this all new to you? Whatever your situation we can help you take advantage of this exciting marketing channel.

Approximately 75% of all internet users (aged 18 years and above) engage in social media on a regular basis. As a business, you should be connecting and engaging with this audience to attract potential customers. Unfortunately many businesses find that keeping up to date with changes in social media and managing their online presence is simply too time consuming.

That’s where we come in. We’ll work closely with you to build your audience on the biggest social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter.

Social media marketing made easy

For a low monthly fee we’ll implement a social media campaign based on your choice of Twitter, Facebook or both. We’ll tweet and post regularly throughout the day, Monday to Friday.

We’ll keep it interesting

It’s proven that people won’t follow you if your messages are boring or you only ever use social media for self-promotion. So we make sure our posts and tweets are lighthearted, interesting and varied. We’ll make sure your business is promoted, your customers are engaged, and that important keywords are used where appropriate. We put the ‘social’ into ‘social media’.


Create a visible brand
Engaging in social media on a regular basis can help increase brand visibility. Participating in conversations, sharing ideas and making your business a part of your customers daily lives will help you remain front of mind when it’s time to purchase services and products that you provide.

Establish yourselves as the ‘go-to-people’
Sharing great content helps establish you as the ‘go-to-people’ in your industry. We’re always more trusting of people we know, and recommendations from friends and family are important. Shares, likes, views and re-tweets are valuable recommendations for your brand/company.

Find new clients
Social Media is an additional marketing channel you can utilise to find new clients and promote your business. By sharing content with potential customers and building an online community you can highlight your brand, attract new clients and retain existing ones.

Show your company’s personality
Social media provides a platform to reach customers directly in a friendly and informal manner. It’s a great opportunity to highlight the strengths of your company’s products or services in a non-sales pitch way and create an emotional connection with potential and existing customers.

Shorten your sales cycle
Research shows that customers who follow you on social media networks are more likely to purchase from you faster. You’ve been building their trust and letting them discover more about your company, and now they need less convincing to make a purchase.

Customer service and brand reputation
Social media provides your customers with a convenient way to contact you to ask questions about your products and services. However, it also gives them the opportunity to publicly complain when things don’t go as well as they expected. It’s important that you resolve complaints quickly as this will showcase your customer service and put a positive spin on a bad situation.

What do you post or tweet about?

  • Information about your business, your products or services
  • Details of promotions or sales
  • Tips, tricks and trivia relevant to your industry
  • Famous or inspirational quotes (optional)
  • One-liners (optional)
  • Interesting general facts (optional)
  • Proverbs (optional)
  • Useful recommendations to other websites (optional)
  • Anything else that keeps your followers engaged whilst getting your sales messages through to them

Can I still tweet or post myself?

Absolutely! We encourage you to still add your own tweets or posts as you know your business inside out. But now you won’t be under pressure to update your social media accounts and you’ll actually find you enjoy it more. We will be there 5 days a week adding quality, keyword rich content and scheduling every message in our control panel.

You can review our work (our tweets and posts appear 7 days before publication so you can check what we are writing) and schedule your own updates easily. Here’s what the control panel looks like:

social media marketing service

The contract

We don’t tie you in for a specific period and you are free to cancel at any time. We’re sure you will love what we do and won’t want to cancel though.

Get started for free

We give you access to our feature packed online control panel for free. It has intuitive tools that let you schedule tweets and posts, access statistics and view, delete and modify content. You can signup in only a minute for the control panel here

The plan

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All prices are exclusive of GST.