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Can SEO companies deliver instant results?

SEO is one of the most important tools and tactics that companies use, but even at its best, there is no way to generate immediate results, because even the best SEO will usually take months to reach a good ranking.

That’s why SEO should only be thought of as a long-term proposition. Your goal is not to succeed in the short-term, because you will almost certainly fail if you try to do that. Instead, remember the story of the tortoise and the hare – keep moving and don’t give up if you really want to succeed.


There is no quick fix with SEO

Most businesses have neither the time nor the inclination to run a full SEO campaign on their own. They’d much rather focus their efforts on the business side of things, so they reach out to SEO companies who can do the work for them.

Don’t trust any firm that promises dramatic results in the short-term. SEO is not a perfect formula, and anyone who pretends otherwise is lying to you. Why? Well, there are a few important factors here…

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1 – Your competition

Chances are you aren’t alone in your competition for the top spot. The internet is an incredibly competitive place, and you could have literally thousands of other groups vying for those coveted top spots. At times like this, even high-quality SEO will take time and a concerted effort to make significant improvements.

However, competition can also bring benefits to your business. It forces you to do your best and avoid getting lazy, which is critical to success over time. Remember, SEO is a long-term strategy, so anything that motivates you to do your best over an extended period is actually helping you.


2 – Link partners

Links are another important factor in building up SEO, but some links are much better than others. You see, search engines will judge both sides of a link when they’re determining ratings – and if they see that one side is nothing but a depository for spam, then they’re going to frown on anyone who’s acting like a partner with that site.

It used to be possible to achieve good results in SEO by simply creating a massive number of links back to your home page, but this is no longer a workable strategy. Search engines are smart enough to understand these tactics and harsh enough to punish you for using them. No matter what else you do, avoid bad link partners.


3 – Keyword stuffing

This is another tactic that can drag down your SEO ranking. Keywords themselves are critical – they help search engines identify what a web page is about and provide that information to people who are searching for a sufficiently related topic. However, much like link building, keyword stuffing is now something to be avoided.

Web pages should not be built for search bots. The search engines do not want pages for their programs to read, they want pages for their users to read, and they will drop your rankings if your content is terrible.


4 – The conversion test

A surprisingly high number of people forget that their ultimate goal is conversion – and the best way to convert people is to have a great website before the marketing for it begins. Yes, getting a great ranking in the search engines is important… but all that effort is meaningless if the site itself can’t convert others.


5- The slow search engine

Despite their power, search engines like Google are actually very slow – they take time to notice you, so you need to be as consistent as you can. Focus on your goal, plan for the long-term, and hope for a little luck – that’s the only way to truly succeed with SEO. If you’re looking to be successful and get guaranteed SEO results for your business, we can help.


By Aaron Enright

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