Search Engine Optimisation Tools and Analytics

A suite of handy SEO and web tools

The goal of most websites is to increase awareness of your organisation and to generate sales. Once your site is live, it’s vital that people find your website amongst the thousands of others out there.

Mostly this happens through search engines, and the vast majority of people do this using Google. Without the ability to correctly optimise your website you may never be found by your target audience.

That’s where our inbuilt search engine optimisation tool comes in. We include it with every site, so you can control what page information is seen by both searchers and search engines.

It’s also important to know how many visitors you get, where they come from, and how long they spend on your site. This valuable information lets you know how well your site is performing and whether or not changes you make improve this performance.

Fortunately all this information can be captured automatically and with no effort on your part. We’ll make sure that visitor data is captured using an industry leading analytics package, so you never have to guess about the effectiveness of your website.

We can even deliver a summary of this information directly into your website dashboard, so everytime you log into your website you get a snapshot of recent activity.

More detailed data is available from within the analytics software.