Roundup Posts Can Boost SEO

How Roundup Posts Can Boost SEO and Drive Traffic

There are various content creation strategies in order to boost SEO and drives traffic to your website. Many companies avoid content curation because they believe that it’ll drive traffic away from their website. When this particular strategy is done correctly, it will definitely increase engagement and give a dramatic boost to your SEO.

The hot content creation method these days is what we call the expert roundup post. This strategy is not only about creating new content and value for your audience, it is also getting a lot of social media shares, expert exposure, and authority.


Let’s look at the types of roundup posts

  1. Top Lists – There are several types of list posts. Those post that show quality are often the most effective when it comes to roundup posts. Let’s take, for example, real estate lawyers. They may consider blogs regarding the best websites on real estate laws, property insurance policies or mortgages. These types of posts will show your appreciation to businesses who have been good to you.
  2. Compiled Research – Another well-known form of roundup post provides a list of links for research compilation. It’s a very useful resource for your website visitors since it will link to relevant and authoritative content that will definitely give a boost to your SEO. These articles can focus on things like news and events within a certain niche or business for a period of time.
  3. Compiled Contributions – You probably came across this post while searching for information about Search Engine Optimization. Well, if you do, there is also a possibility that you discovered articles like “9 SEO Experts To Follow In 2018”. Basically, compiled contributions posts may include collections of stories, experiences, tips, advice and many other things.


Roundup posts and SEO

roundup postsSo now the question is, “How do content roundup posts boost SEO and drive traffic?”. The first benefit comes from influencers, industry experts, bloggers and other businesses who loves to be mentioned on a website.

These industry experts, influencers and bloggers like to show off the recognition. That is why these roundup posts are sometimes linked to websites and social media as a way for letting the expert or the influencer’s audience know of their popularity and credibility in which you will also earn high-quality backlinks to your website.

The next benefit you can get is from the organic traffic. Those search users tend to be attracted to roundup articles. Why? Because they prefer to read articles that have already compiled all of the information and distilled everything into a single blog post.

Most search users don’t want to spend the time researching and reading a bunch of articles when there’s already an article that they can read wherein all of the information is already there. Therefore, roundup articles are of high value. In addition, a well-organized post with a rewarding conclusion will visitors have visitors coming back for more.

Lastly, it is often more valuable if you have created a close relationship with online influencers and thought leaders, since having a strong online relationship with others within your industry or niche will earn you exposure to new audiences through their social channels. It will also increase traffic when these influencers mention you in their blogs as well as generate good quality links to your website. These activities will send positive signals to Google and other search engines that will boost your SEO.

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