rank your small business higher on google

Can a small website rank higher on Google than a large one?

Experience and value are two of the heaviest user experiences that Google considers when ranking web pages, according to Google’s Matt Cutts. He has also cleared up the myth that big companies always get the best search rankings, which are more based on quality content than company status. Below are tips from the search expert about how small sites can rank higher on Google and even outrank big sites.


4 Ways a small website can rank higher on Google

Be flexible

Taking an agile and flexible approach to learning about internet development and your users will help you stay up to date on how to rank higher on Google. Smaller sites tend to be structured with more flexibility than a big corporate site with strict rules about content. Find holes in the market and in search engines that you can fill with useful fresh content.

If you only have one person operating the website you have to start small, but it’s still possible to grow into a large site. Sometimes small companies are able to focus on building fresh content more than bigger competitors. Since Google ranks web pages instead of websites, it is constantly looking for fresh content to serve, which is one thing you may be able to produce more readily than the competition. The key is to find weaknesses in your competition’s online presence and provide better content.


Be vibrant

Create an online experience that is electrifying and vibrant. By focusing your energy on making the site a memorable experience, you will be adding to its vibrant quality. To increase the quality of your site, add comprehensive details and insights about your industry and products. The key to creating a more exciting website than a bigger competitor’s is to be optimistic about your content and to figure out what you can deliver that competitors can’t. Over time the better content will become evident to Google.

Focusing on crafting quality content has been the main secret all along to keeping up with all of Google’s algorithmic updates regarding how they determine search rankings. As long as you are building content that is relevant and valuable to users, you are investing your time wisely in building a site that can eventually outrank all competitors. One way to make your site more vibrant is to include YouTube videos that effectively tell your story.


Respond to followers

The sooner you can answer emails or questions through social media, the more your business can build customer loyalty and position itself as a thought leader. People who turn to your social media profile and website to learn information are potentially warm leads that you need to nurture as soon as possible before they approach other competitors who are just clicks away. Inbound marketing favors relationships rather than sales pitches when it comes to attracting the attention of new followers.

One of the best ways to let Google know that you are responding to users is by engaging with users on Google+, which can improve your image as an authority in your niche. Responding with personalised email is the best way to learn more about your leads. The more you interact with followers and demonstrate quick response, the more they will remember and value you as an authority, which can help your site rank higher on Google in the long run.


Target realistically

Focus your SEO strategies on showing up in the searches most relevant to your business and don’t worry about trying to compete for keywords that may be popular but aren’t relevant to your business. Be specific in defining your target and focus on being a thought leader in niches that you have cornered in the market. Over time you can then expand your focus to multiple niches. You will inevitably rank higher on Google if you serve your target audience with better content than competitors.

It really doesn’t matter how small your site starts out. What matters is how much quality content you can produce in six months to a year, which can be the amount of time it takes for your web pages to show up in Google Search.

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