How To Rank in Google’s Featured Snippets

Google’s search features are ever-changing. As a marketer, this means you have to constantly keep up to rank or outdo your competitors. Every month new algorithms, updates, and systems are made available to the public order for Google to supply better and more relevant searches to their customers.

One such feature is what Google calls the featured snippet. Since the year 2014, featured snippets are shown on top of Google’s organic results. These snippets are basically “answer boxes” which gives users information based on their search questions.

Google has taken the lead of transforming search by better understanding a user’s search intent. Instead of showing just a list of links, it shows the user a snippet of the webpage from where the answer to the user’s question is found. It also goes without saying that any website who’s featured in the snippet will automatically get higher organic click rates.

What is Google’s Featured Snippet?

Before we deep dive into the techniques and ways on how to rank for featured snippet, let’s quickly define what it actually does.

Basically, featured snippets are Google’s answer boxes that appear above Google’s organic search results. They’re usually called position 0, because they don’t appear in the search result but above it. Often, content that’s already on Page 1 of Google gets the place in the answer box.

What makes them great? Featured snippets give you answers in a fast and convenient way such that you don’t have to click on anything to find what you’re looking for. Snippets make a researcher’s job easy breezy and offer marketers a chance to beat competitors and drive traffic to their sites.

Ranking for a Featured Snippet is Much Easier

If you’re having a hard time ranking for #1, try ranking for a featured snippet. It’s much easier and more effective in helping you boost your traffic. Have you seen a featured snippet yet? Just take a look. Search using a question in Google and see the top box above every other link. It takes so much space on the results page plus its the first thing customers will see.

How To Get Your Content Feature Snipped by Google?

In order to get your content featured in snippet, you have to first make it snippable. But if you’re going to ask any brilliant marketer, there’s only one secret to getting a Google featured snippet on your content : concisely answer direct questions based on the subject or topic you’re creating content for.

The following are more techniques and secrets to getting featured snippets:

  • Use Question Form Keywords. According to Eric Engle at Stone Temple Consulting, 19% of searches using a question fall into the following formats: How does, How do, How to, What is. These are the keywords you may want to include in your article.
  • Think like your customer and ask the right questions. You can even find ideas through websites like Quora which display millions of search questions done by users based on subject or niche.
  • Create content that answers questions. If you want to get that spot, then craft a great in-depth article that answers the users’ questions.
  • Create High-Quality Content. Content needs to be of high-quality in order for it to rank on snippet. It has to be comprehensive, entertaining, and user-focused.
  • Compete with current feature snippet holder. Just because someone else is in there doesn’t mean you can’t take their place. You can choose to identify your competitor’s keywords and then look for the most valuable and perhaps low-effort opportunities which you can emulate.
  • Organize your content into short sentences and paragraphs. According to a SEMRush analysi,s most featured snippet answers are only around 40- 50 words. This means you don’t have to create lengthy paragraphs to get your content to be noticed. The shorter sentences and paragraphs, the better.
  • Create posts in FAQ style or include a how-to section on your website. This helps maximize the usage of question form keywords. Also, it helps a lot if you use organized content styles such as bullet points, numbered lists, charts, and tables.


Final Thoughts on Featured Snippets

Featured snippets will continually improve as Google changes and enhances its system and algorithms. Soon it will become one of the most helpful and relevant tools on every platform, not just on Google. I hope this article has helped you understand how optimizing your content for featured snippets can help your website rank in the web.

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