Considerations for An Online E-commerce Website

When you have an E-commerce website, you know how crucial it is to make sales to increase revenue and keep your business active. Just having a product and trying to sell it online isn’t enough in a sea of other competitors who are all striving to make the most money off of their websites. These important considerations should be implemented into your E-commerce website in order to promote and benefit the company you’re operating.

Product Descriptions

When someone is buying any product from the online outlet, he/she wants to know all of the specifics. Whether it’s an article of clothing, a decoration for the home or some other type of item, a clearly defined product description tells the customer exactly what the item is and its size. This prevents confusion of the item when the person receives it and allows them to purchase an item they know more about before holding in their hands

Product Categories

Chances are that if you have an E-commerce site, you’re selling multiple items. For example, you might have a site specific to selling home decor items. However, there are many sub-categories of home decor, and it can be confusing and frustrating to have all of your items on one page for customers to have to sift through. By creating multiple categories on your site, customers can choose a specific item they want to buy and browse through your store inventory.

Improve the Checkout Process

If the checkout process is confusing or insecure, your customers are going to abandon their online carts and opt for another site. It is imperative that more than anything else, you make the checkout process as secure as possible for your customers. Remember that they are going to be putting in personal credit card information into the system, so it needs to be an E-commerce program that securely handles these payments with a trusted server.

Add a Monitored Review System

Reviews on products can help a consumer make a decision on whether or not they want to buy a specific item. However, adding a review system to your site should be monitored. This prevents anyone from coming on and writing a negative review without first contacting you or without even buying the product from your store. Review programs are easy to integrate into your site and will showcase others’ experiences with a specific product.

Detail Product Benefits

Your customers want to know how a product is going to benefit them. Let’s say that you sell cosmetics or skincare products on your site, or you might sell health supplements to those looking to gain muscle or lose weight. Simply selling the products and hoping people buy them isn’t enough. You need to have backed claims, scientific reviews and benefit details that are going to encourage customers to buy the product and use it for themselves.

Why Should Customers Buy from You?

Because there are probably dozens of other E-commerce sites selling similar products as your own, you need to make it clear why your customers should buy from you and not your competitors. This might be because you’re offering better prices, member discounts, special deals or exclusive products that they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. Whatever it is, you need to make it clear that your customer would be missing out if they didn’t buy products from you.

Optimize Your Site for Search Engines

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is an incredibly important aspect of most websites. Without it, your E-commerce site might rank on the second, third or even fourth page of search engine results, which will deter people from finding and visiting you. Search engine optimization increases the efficiency of your site so that it ranks higher on popular engines and is then easier for people to find your URL.

Photography for Your Products

No matter what type of product you’re selling, you need clear, concise and professional pictures of the item. Taking a grainy or blurry picture with your smartphone isn’t going to cut it when you’re the owner of an E-commerce site. This doesn’t mean that you need to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of every single product you sell, but it does mean using a better-quality camera and using editing software to get that picture to look enticing to consumers. Sometimes, it’s the picture more than anything else that will sell a product.

Website Design and Navigation

The design of your site is so important because it can either cause your company to look professional and optimized, or it can make your E-commerce site look tacky, unprofessional or cluttered. Some sites even look scam-like because of the way that they are designed, so you need to put some time and effort into the overall design and navigation of the site. This makes it easy for people to find pages of products and then encourage them to stay there.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service is key to any business, online and off. If you’re not offering superior customer service and are unwilling to help customers, you’re going to lose fans very quickly. If someone comes to you with a complaint or issue about a product, you need to rectify the situation professionally and quickly. The same goes to answering emails or comments made from potential customers.

Market and Advertise on Social Media

Millions of people use social media every single day, so it’s no surprise that most of these sites are paramount to the success of most companies. Creating a page on social media sites is often free, and you can spend a bit of money to promote the page and gain followers.


Implementing any or all of these factors into your E-commerce site will encourage more people to visit it regularly and purchase your products. The key to any successful site is for it to be well-designed, well-maintained and thought-out. You need a site that is attractive to customers and offers products that will be difficult for them to turn away from without feeling like they’re missing out. Also, give your E-commerce site time to grow to its full potential. While it might seem frustrating that you’re not making the money that you want right off the bat, it can take up to a year for your site’s growth to reach its full peak.

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