What Does A New Website Cost?

Website prices can vary from a few hundred dollars up to tens of thousands. It basically comes down to the degree of functionality you require and the amount of design and development effort that goes into it. The more functionality and complex graphic elements required, the more expensive the site will be.

Cheap websites will inevitably have limitations, whereas a $3000 website should be pretty highly spec’d. But do keep in mind that trying to build ‘the new Trademe’ with a budget of even $30,000 would be unachievable. The good news is that because we have some great tools at our disposal we can build better sites for less than what it would have cost a few years ago.

It’s important that we determine what you want the website to do for you. Then we can provide you with the functionality you need while not including unnecessary items that aren’t critical to the success of your website and business.

If you’re running a little hobby business then a simple, low cost website is probably fine. But if your business is your primary source of income, and having a website will generate more revenue, then you should allocate a decent budget that reflects the size of the business. Remember that your new website is very powerful marketing tool that you have at your disposal.

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