SEO in 2017

5 Things you must know about SEO in 2017

Marketers are increasingly seeing SEO efforts as becoming more effective, a 2016 MarketDrive study suggests. According to 82%, effectiveness is on the rise and 42% saw a massive improvement in SEO effectiveness during the past year.

What does it take to make your strategy successful? The rules of the SEO game change all the time. Complex searches and algorithm updates dictate the introduction of a few new techniques in 2017. Here are five of the most effective ones.


Rich answers optimisation

This is going to be the biggest SEO trend for 2017. Rich answers is a term that refers to the results Google returns for complex searches. For example, you may want to enter a search query like “what is responsive deign.” Google will provide a highlighted result box that will deliver the answer to your specific question.

rich answers search box

Rich answers are the newest step towards the intelligent evolution of Google. People are starting to input increasingly complex queries. As a result, the search engine has to come up with a more complex way of detecting the search and providing a relevant answer.

To optimise for rich answers, you have to make your content as informative as possible. Start subtitles with a question and list a detailed answer in the coming paragraph. The more specific your content is, the more likely it will be for inclusion in rich answers.


Voice searches

Smartphones are making voice searches more and more popular. Nearly 20% of mobile queries were voice searches in 2016, official Google statistics suggest. A few things can be done to make a website better optimised for a voice search.

To get Siri, Google Now and Cortana providing your website as a suggestion after a voice search, you’ll have to do a few important things. Understand that people use voice search in a manner that’s different from typing a query. Most often, they’ll start the search in the form of a question.

To optimise for voice search, you should target long-tail keywords, create content in Q&A style and improve the relevance of your local listings. All of these techniques can help you receive a big portion of the mobile traffic that starts with a voice search.


Mobile design and responsiveness will be even more important

Mobile traffic is constantly on the rise and it has already surpassed desktop traffic. If your website isn’t designed for viewing on a small screen, you’re missing on a massive opportunity.

You need to have either a separate mobile design or a responsive website. Responsiveness refers to the ability of elements to adapt to the size of the screen. A website that doesn’t load properly on a smartphone or a tablet screen will be abandoned quickly.

Work on improving the website’s load speed, as well. Almost 40% of people will abandon a website that takes more than 10 seconds to load, statistics suggest. It’s interesting to point out that 16% of the mobile users will abandon a website if it doesn’t load within one to five seconds.

There are several things you can do to enhance the load speed. For a start, run a GTMetrix test to assess the performance of your site. You’ll get detailed information about the elements that are causing a slowdown.


Replace dense content with multimedia

Gone are the days of large chunks of text. Today, the use of multimedia has become more important than ever for mobile optimisation.

Breaking up the structure of large articles is essential for boosting audience engagement. Incorporate graphics, tables, illustrations and video examples in every single page. Make sure that the multimedia is optimised, just like the text on your website.

Videos are also amazing for improving search engine positioning. According to Hubspot statistics, companies that use video get 41% more traffic from search than the ones that rely solely on text. Getting used to the introduction of multiple formats will take time but the efforts will pay off quickly.


Build your online reputation

SEO is becoming more complex than ever. In the past, it consisted of several well-known, clearly defined strategies. Today, optimisation has become largely dependent on the establishment of the right online reputation.

To build your online authority, you should focus on niche content. Have an update plan and consider highly specific themes that nobody else is covering.

Your social media presence, the interactions you have with industry influencers and the additional types of content you create (ebooks, white papers, reports, etc.) all belong to your reputation establishment strategy.

In 2017, SEO will be more challenging and more rewarding than ever. Start work on improving website quality right now. Give your website visitors something valuable and you’ll quickly see a positive change in your search engine ranking.

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