Website Powerful Marketing Machine

How To Make Your Website A Powerful Marketing Machine

A website is the most powerful marketing tool any company has. If yours is looking listless, here’s some tips and tools that will turn it into a marketing machine.


– Avoid plagiarism: It’s a sad fact of the internet that plagiarism will happen. You may find a writer is plagiarising content from another site for you, or your content is being used by someone else without your consent. Utilise methods and tools to avoid this where possible.

Run all of your content through a plagiarism detector, such as the ones available at Plagium or Academized. They’ll check to see if any uncredited content is being used.

Plagiarism Checker

Also, if you’re writing content use Cite It In as a way to ensure you’re crediting your sources properly.

– Make your content shareworthy: Many blogs now allow you to add sharing links for social media sites. However, you’ve got to make sure that your content is worth sharing. Focus on linking your products to positive emotions, and give the reader something that will help them and their friends.

– Keep it short: Overlong content won’t keep readers around, especially if they’re on mobile. They want info quickly, so give it to them in as short a post as possible. Use Easy Word Count to keep track of how long your posts are.

Character Count Tool


– Proofread your content: You should never, ever, skip this step. If you post without proofreading, you can let easy to spot errors slip by and damage your credibility. Use UK writings, as their proofreading service can take care of this for you.

– Use video content: The success of sites such as Youtube show just how much video content is wanted by consumers. If you can, implement videos on your site in order to show off your product or explain its features.

Web design

– Mobile friendly design: The majority of browsers these days are doing so through their phones. That means your site has to be mobile friendly. If it isn’t, the reader will get fed up quickly of trying to navigate your site. You could even go one step further and create an app for your company.

Web Design

– Post forms on every page: Having easy access to a form is a great way to ensure you get a lead from whoever visits your site. Paper fellows have a simple form on every page, that doesn’t ask for too much info. It’s an easy way for customers to get more info and for you to get that lead.

Place An Order

– Add testimonials: Testimonials are a powerful resource that will show customers that you’re a site to be trusted. Check out the way Ox Essays presents theirs on the page. There are large star ratings so the reader can get a feel for what they think, and large quotes that show that the words are their own.

Testimonials View


– Implement emails: Creating a subscriber list is a great way to keep customers informed about what you’re up to. Customers could get custom emails when an item they want is back in stock, or update emails if they’re waiting on an order. Keeping in touch helps.

– Encourage actions: You want the customer to do something when they’re on your site. What is it? Sign up to an email list? Buy from you? Preorder an item? Whatever it is, make sure that your call to action is clear. Leave the customer in no doubt as to what to do next.

You don’t have to make massive changes to see a difference in your website. Put these tips to good use, and you’ll see just much it can improve.

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