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9 Tips for boosting local seo with Youtube

Thanks to YouTube, anyone can now make videos that convey their profession. Even low resolution videos can become popular on YouTube if the content is compelling and is enhanced by local SEO. Imaginative content can be an extremely effective key to success. You don’t have to be an experienced producer with fancy equipment to get high rankings in YouTube. Remember that more people are searching for substance than style and that informative videos can go far. Simple brief footage from a mobile device presented in an interesting way using local SEO techniques can rank just as high in search engines as more elaborate video.



1. Geotag your video

Your video production can be associated with geographic coordinates by using “geotagging.” In YouTube’s Video Manager click “Advanced Settings” and type the address location then click Search. A popup map will help guide you in selecting a more specific location using the pinpoint marker. Once saved, the longitude and latitude coordinates mark the location, which can then be found by users searching that area.



2. Link to your website in the description

Link to your business website in the opening of your video description. Even though Google automatically applies the nofollow function to links, it still helps as a local SEO strategy.



3. Include contact info, Part I

Identify your business name, address, phone number and website toward the end of the video. Google’s interpretation algorithms can read text within videos, based on optical character recognition.



4. Include contact info, Part II

Voicing your contact information in the video’s audio is advantageous, if the speech is recognisable since Google can automatically create transcripts.



5. Utilise the description field

In the description field, give your address, city location and phone number. The first part of your description should summarize what the video is about. Adding a brief biography helps set your business apart from competitors, especially if you have cornered a specific niche in your market.


6. Tag your video

Add tags to your video using your business category name and your location names. The keyword tags have historically been very useful for YouTube optimisation, so include some meaningful single word or multi-word tags that are relevant for each video.



7. Associate your video with your Google+ business page

You will need to add the video to your listing in Google+, which allows the video to be found in Google search, Google+ and maps. When you add the URL in Google+, be sure to use the full page URL since the shortened URL will not work for online sharing. Local SEO combined with videos can give your business an edge over competitors since most businesses have not yet promoted themselves on YouTube.


8. Embed your video

Post your video on your website page and/or blog. YouTube views the number of embeds as an indicator of video popularity. Hosting the videos on YouTube is more beneficial than hosting them on your own site since the embed code allows your video to be displayed elsewhere, not to mention the video will likely be indexed by both Google search and YouTube.


9. Promote your video

Share your video with social media followers through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+. By making the video available through various marketing channels where you list your business, potential clients can find and view it, which can be the start of a long interactive business relationship. Your video will benefit from views through multiple online sources. Google gives high rankings to useful videos partly because it owns YouTube and partly because videos are growing enormously in popularity. Google is also friendly toward Google+ activity and businesses that differentiate themselves using local SEO.


youtube works for local seo


By Aaron Enright

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