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Google Authorship: Your new best friend…

Keeping up with the new developments in technological world is becoming even more difficult than ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians!’

All jokes aside, it is indeed becoming a challenge for webmasters and marketing teams all over the world to decide in which direction they should proceed with their technology. The speed at which new software and information is updated every day, places its users in a tight spot to choose if they want to go that way or remain in their old cozy settings. But in doing so they may become ‘The Dinosaurs’ that no one wants to invest in.

To keep your site in the best spot, Google Authorship is one such development that cannot be ignored. Google AuthorRank can improve the SEO worth of the publisher’s site by leaps and bounds. Implementing this life saver is quite simple; just add a HTML tag that identifies the source (i.e. you) that composed the page. This is then verified by putting in a reciprocal link back to that page or website on your Google+ profile.

Now let’s look at why you should be doing this on your website.



AuthorRank adds credibility

Google search engine takes pages with Authorship seriously. Adopting Authorship right now will add credibility to your content in the eyes of Google, and by the time this becomes a common practice you will already have made your impact and secured a prominent position on the web.

Google Authorship is a no risk, low budget change. It will not put you under any extra workload even if you implement it straightaway. On the other hand delaying it might give you a tremendous headache by trying to catchup with all the competitors.



AuthorRank makes the primary source significant

Being number one is the sweet reward that Authorship offers you. All the primary-source publishing that you do, no matter if it’s an opinionated blog, technical content or press release; Authorship claims it as yours before any third-party attempts to use it themselves.

This is a great way to retain the Authorship of your pages. If a third party uses your content and publishes it, they will likely trigger Google’s filter for ‘very similar content’ so you still get to remain on top of others.


google authorship snippets in search


Prompt Google Authorship claims

To implement Authorship on a page, all you have to do is add your author tag to the page and from your Google+ profile reciprocate that link. You now have the authorship of your page. It’s as simple as that, unlike other similar applications that take a while to manage external links.

Being anonymous here has no benefits. Claim your verified pages. Google often ranks pages linked to verified Google profiles higher in search results; hence your verified pages will show up in top positions, bringing in more hits.

The Authorship may take some time to gain good rank, but once you author-tag your page, it will instantly start to benefit from it and your AuthorRank will improve.


Say no to spam

Authority in web pages is the best way to minimise spam sites. The authorised pages are given top spots; thus pushing spam down.

If all the legitimate authors take Authorship of their pages, the spammers can be isolated altogether. The use of the Authorship tag will give you the security blanket to protect your content authorship.


Built-in Authorship

Including rel=”author” tag is becoming vital in garnering better position in Google’s search results. It is fairly easy to add it to your CMS or web template, thus reducing the admin required to implement Authorship for your site.

To add your Authorship, include the required author tag in your header template. Some SEO plugins can do this very easily for you. This Authorship will appear in all the new pages that you publish as well.


It’s indispensable!!!

Google has become a leader in web properties. It is not just a search engine, it has acquired several various other web apps as well, and it is placing Google+ as the center of command for all these diverse platforms. Your Google+ profile is not just your social media introduction; it is also your gateway to all the other Google powered sources.

Given that Google is bringing all its web resources together, it is a wise decision to keep up with all their innovations. It is quite clear that Google Authorship is going to have a profound effect on its search engine ranking systems hence adaptation is your best option to raise to the top.


by Aaron Enright


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