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Five New Year’s Marketing Resolutions That Don’t Suck

Setting up our own New Year’s resolutions is a fun tradition. I remember during my school years right up until my high school years, we were encouraged to create our own New Year’s resolutions. I’ll be perfectly honest – some of these resolutions were not accomplished.

I know you would probably think that it’s just a waste of time creating those long lists of resolutions and then not being able to accomplish everything you strive to do. For me it’s not a waste of time, but an opportunity to be able to examine how planned and prepared we are. Writing something down can help us live with intention and further define our purpose. So we should all make realistic goals in order to make 2018 a great year for your business.

So let’s get started!


Blog Regularly

To blog or not to blog? That is a question that most people have in mind. Are you writing a blog now? If not, then you need to. It doesn’t have to be daily, it could be once a month or if you think you feel the need to blog then go ahead.

Blogging has come a long way since its inception in the late 1990’s. It was initially used as a platform to share someone’s ideas or thoughts, opinions, feelings and experiences. Some people would regard it simply as an online journal or diary with a minimal following. But it is much more than that and has grown into a platform used by everyone – from individuals to businesses.

How important is it in the business world? It is very important. Blogging is the sole reason behind every successful content marketing strategy. In 2018 all people use Google as the go-to tool when the need to know something, to search and to find answers. As consumers, we rely on blog reviews when we want to purchase something and put enough time to read its content. In creating a blog for your business you are able to:

  • Make your site more visible to search engines
  • Achieve content marketing success
  • Builds an identity and brand for your business
  • Allow existing and potential customers to get to know you and trust you

Given the reasons I just mentioned above, why not start blogging now? For this year, make a plan to schedule your blogging and commit yourself to doing it and find time to create one. It’s all up to you how often you will blog, what’s more important is that you stick to it and do not digress.


Be socially active

Being active on social networks can be quite exhausting if you’re going it alone. As a starting point, I suggest evaluating the big three -FACEBOOK, TWITTER and LINKEDIN to see which ones are relevant for your business and audience. In today’s marketing world, it is often expected that you will have these three pages for your business. Or maybe Pinterest or Instagram strike a chord with your business’ goals?


Track everything

You are all socially active and at the same you are also blogging. But the question is, did you keep track of any data that you bring in? The work you invested is going to be useless if it is not being recorded, logged and analyzed. These seems to scary but we will break them down into manageable steps to add to your workflow.


Let us use one good example.

We generally map out our goals each quarter as far as marketing growth – these include page views, new leads, conversion rates, and social followings. For each quarter we track month over month on how the progress is going. We base it on how many new followers we get, which social posts this month is trending, which blog posts got the most shares and which pages converted the most leads?

This year we want you to start tracking your metrics and try to spot some trends. Most probably your website has some sort of analytics tracking. We recommend having Google Analytics. In this way, you can see what works as well as what’s not and what to try next.


Connect with your customers

Be active on social media. You might need to use hashtags that are trending or maybe host an event giveaway to gain publicity and a viral aspect to your marketing strategy while getting a chance to work directly with your prospects. Try to be visible and show the faces behind your business. In this way, it will give your customer an inside look as to what your business is all about.


Try something new

If you’ve reached this far getting into inbound marketing, then most probably 2018 is the year to really test to see what happens to your business. If you think that you have been creating content moderately in the past, then maybe it’s time for you to think and try out something new that would make a difference for 2018. Try to experiment and track the results this year. Whatever you choose to do for the growth of your business, you won’t walk away empty-handed.


Moving Forward

We hope that this information will support you with your resolution brainstorming for the year and help you to reach your ultimate goal. These are actionable targets that are attainable. It will certainly benefit your business and energize your marketing strategy. Content marketing is definitely the hardest, but it’s very helpful as a growth engine for your inbound strategy.  We also hope that you enjoyed reading through our New Year’s resolutions and hope you will apply them yourself. You will never achieve results without improving your process but by forming good marketing habits, you will be able to convey your message effectively and efficiently. We are helping you established a good habits that will acquire great benefits down the line.

So go ahead, have a big 2018 for your business!


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