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How to build an email marketing database

Email marketing is more than just writing an email and hitting send. It’s a potentially complex process that relies on your ability to provide interesting content via an interactive delivery platform, to a contact list full of subscribers who want to hear from you.

The ideal audience wants your email, has consented to receive it and is expecting you to send it. Your email marketing database must contain accurate, up-to-date contact information to be of any value.

If you are contemplating email marketing, you probably already have an extensive list of email addresses for your clients. If these are in Excel, an accounting package or some other software that can export a CSV file, then it is very simple to bulk import your contacts into Email Marketer™.



Use an “opt-in” form on your website

With the addition of an email signup widget to your website visitors can legally “opt-in” to receive your newsletters. On e-Commerce sites it is common to ask customers if they would like to receive your newsletter when checking out. Both methods are a great way to grow your email marketing database.

A quick tip here. Don’t use or collect “role-based” email addresses such as These get blocked by spam filters. Always send to actual persons names.

Once you have the initial email list set up, there is the matter of ongoing maintenance. People come and go from businesses, and email addresses change with surprising regularity. A great feature of HyperCube’s Email Marketer™ is that much of the work of administering the database is taken care of for you. If you gain new subscribers through your website they will be added to the list without any effort on your part.

If subscribers no longer want to receive your emails (opt-out) this will happen automatically. Continuing to contact someone after they’re unsubscribed is illegal (and annoying), so having this task automated is preferable. You can view subscriber change reports so you know exactly how your list is blue email marketing database envelope inside blue circlegrowing.

Internet Service Providers monitor the number of emails sent to expired or inactive addresses. Called “hard bounces”, these can negatively impact the deliverability of your email campaigns if you have too many. If an email bounces back because the address is no longer valid, you will be notified and the address will be removed immediately from Email Marketer™. This way there is no risk of repeatedly sending to an incorrect address and getting your company blacklisted.

A professional email system will simplify and streamline the management of your email marketing database and help you comply with anti-spam policy.


By Aaron Enright


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