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Email database marketing that works!

Permission-based email database marketing is the most cost-effective, most accountable way to reach your market, and our web-based email marketing and list management platform makes it easy.

Email keeps you in front of your target audience for a fraction of the cost and time of other approaches, and amplifies your other marketing efforts dramatically. You can use the platform to educate your audience, build rapport, gain mindshare, and most importantly, increase sales.


Why use email database marketing?

Everyone gets email. It’s convenient, provided the content is valuable. It’s accountable because you can measure exactly how engaged your customers are. And when it comes to email, nothing does it better than EmailMarketer. Thousands of companies use email to connect with their customers and prospects more cost-effectively and efficiently than anything else on the market.


It works

Email works. It’s active, not passive. Rather than waiting around for visitors to return, you can engage them in your application, building viral loops into your web experience. You can also maintain contact with prospects through newsletters and updates. The bottom line; if you’re not already connecting with your market through email, you’re at risk. It has also been shown that HTML emails enjoy around 50% higher response rates than plain text emails, so why bother with ugly text based emails sent through Outlook.


It’s affordable

EmailMarketer is the most cost-effective way to deliver your targeted messages and latest news directly to the right people. Unlike costly marketing events, direct mail, and print media, there is only a single once-off production cost and very little ongoing costs, which means you can experiment and hone your campaigns and messages.
It’s accountable

EmailMarketer offers detailed analysis of which messages are reaching which audiences. We track key performance indicators like ‘opens’ (who read your offer), ‘click-throughs’ (who clicked on a link in your email), ‘forwards’ (who forwarded your email to someone else) and so on. And when mails aren’t getting through, we make it easy to know why.
It’s fast

Offers, newsletters, promotions and product announcements can be created and sent to targeted lists in a few hours. There’s no manufacturing, agency or print production time needed. And once the messages are sent, reporting on your messages is virtually instantaneous. They are usually complete within the first 24 hour so you can see immediate results.


It’s easy

Even though all this sounds pretty powerful, almost anyone can use EmailMarketer. If you can use a word processor, you can craft professional-looking messages. If you know your way around a basic web application, you can build and manage lists, examine reports, and create personalized messages. You can quickly add sign-up forms to websites and blogs you own. And you can even divide audiences into segments to try out different messages or focus on specific high-value customers.

blue email database marketing envelope inside blue circle This is what’s included when you subscribe to EmailMarketer

  • Delivery of personalized HTML or text-based emails
  • Complete mailing list management
  • Full scheduling, reporting, and tracking of every aspect of delivery
  • Simple subscription mechanisms for websites and blogs

Contact us for a free consultation and find out how our turnkey platform can connect you to your market, boost customer loyalty, generate new opportunities and take your business to a new level.


By Aaron Enright

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