7 Digital Marketing Fundamentals That Help You Take The Lead Over Others

There are a few things you might do to make your website better, and you must deploy as many of these tactics as you can. There are some things that you might do right away because you have concerns about getting immediate results, and there are others that you will do for long-term results. Consider how much simpler it will be to create a better website when you have invested in a few marketing tips that make your site look perfect.

1.  Use A New Page Layout

You could use a page layout seems a bit more dynamic and exciting. You have probably wondered what your pages would look like if they read more like an athlete’s bio, or you could create something that has a little bit more edge. You could use something like the bio page of Hector Lombard as an example, and his page alone might show you new colours, shapes, and styles to use on your pages. This page is hard-hitting, and it gives you the idea of what means business.

2. Using New Colors

The best example of changing your pages can be found in the colours that you use. You could add colours, change colours, and select something that is a bit more soothing. You do not want to blind your customers with your pages, and you do not want them to feel like they are so bright that they cannot read. You might choose the pastel versions of your company’s colours, or you could colour code each page with something that is soft and easy to look at.

3. Create A Landing Page

You might want to create a landing page that will help you sell your products. Landing pages act like ads, and they are powerful because they link your customers right to the thing that you want them to buy. You could give them a deal through the landing page, and you might want to make the customer feel like they have arrived in a place that is special.

4. Put Tabs On Every Page

The tabs on every page help you navigate to different parts of your site. You could put all the tabs for categories on your site across the top of each page, and your customers could scroll down a little menu that is easy to read. You might want to put tabs on the bottom of the page where your customers could contact you or read about your company, and you will find that the pages are easier to use.

5. Create Share Buttons

Share buttons on your site are very helpful because they allow you to share documents or pages on any social media platform. You might have a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, and Instagram button. You could include a Reddit button if you want to be a little bit more hip, and your customers will realize that you probably have a presence on those networks. They might follow you on these networks, and they will be excited to follow you because they want more information on your business.

6. Create Videos

You must use videos to help make the best advertisements for your company. The ads you have built run like commercials that you would see on TV, but they are all shown on YouTube. The videos must have an air of fun about them, and they must have information that helps your customers learn something about your business. These videos are very simple for you to create with your phone, and they make your company look much more approachable and human.

7. Start A Blog

A company blog is very powerful because the blog allows you to write about anything that you want. Your customers can leave comments on the blog, and you could interact with them easily. You might have chosen to use the blog as a way to release information about your products, or you might have chosen to use the blog as a way to simply talk to customers. Allow customers to ask questions, and you might even do an AMA on your blog.

8. Honourable Mention: Direct Back To Your Website

That website you spent so much time creating should be the focus of all your efforts. You must direct people back to the website at every turn, and they should feel like they know your business well because they have heard or seen the URL so many times. You must let people know that the place to buy is on your website because there are a lot of people who might try to send orders over a message. You do not want to be in a place where people do not know that your website has everything they need.

9. Honourable Mention: Change

You must be willing to change as much as you possibly can. Your website alone is going to be very hard to manage if nothing ever changes. Your customers will want to see something fresh every couple of months, and you should not be afraid to add to your website as needed. Customers do not leave when you give them more. They get suspicious when you never update yourself. You might be pulled off search engines if your site gets stale, and you must remember that you can make tiny changes with the help of your designer. Your designer should act as your webmaster because they know how to alter the site in seconds instead of days.



There are a lot of people who want to run their business online, but they do not want to put in the work to make their site better. There are many companies that could improve their market position with help from their web designer, and there are a few different companies that could change their social media presence, and there are others that must later their pages so that they look much more pleasing. Try out the tips above as you bring your business in line with modern Internet practices.

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