How to Write a Compelling “About Us” Page for Your Website

The About Us page is a visiting card of your website, which should contain only relevant and valuable information. If a user visits your site for a first time and knows nothing about your company, this very webpage should provide him with a clear overview of your business.

If you are about to create or optimize an About Us page, you should know how to write content, which will make the visitors fall in love with your brand. Let’s check the following tips, which will help you to do things right.

Tell the facts

You must build content for the About Us page around the real facts about your company, not around the hype. You should be honest with your customers in order to build trust in a relationship. So, you have no right to use fake data.

Visitors want to know, which of their wants and needs your company can meet, and in which way. If you can provide some reliable statistical data, it would be great. For example, if you mention that your product reduces the energy consumption by 20%, then customers will find this information very useful for decision making.

Nils Skold, Medium contributor, says: “It is a good idea to compose a story about the company development and list the most important events and turning points. You can build a timeline, which clearly demonstrates the progress of the company.” This information will encourage visitors to respect your brand.

State the brand’s values, mission and vision

You should briefly describe the brand’s values without going into details. It will help to focus visitors’ attention on features which make your company special. Customers should know about the strengths which distinguish your business from the competitors.

You can also add the company’s mission and vision. Try to express them in a few short sentences in order not to overload the webpage. Modern users don’t like to read long unstructured texts, so try to keep everything simple.

Use an appropriate tone of voice

You should study the preferences of your target audience in order to understand what kind of content they prefer to read.  If you create About Us page to get in touch with Millennials, you can use an informal language and engaging tone of voice. However, if your want to reach the baby boomers, you should choose a formal writing style.

Arizona Simpson, content manager for TrustMyPaper, states: “You should also take your brand’s values into account. It’s obvious that a company, which manufacture sport cars, should communicate with the customers differently than a low-cost airline does.”

Add behind the scenes photos

Visitors want to know more about your company and your products. For this reason, they would like to see what is happening behind the scenes.

You can add photos, which shows the production process. Everyone will see that your company utilizes modern equipment, keep the premises clean and ensure the high quality of raw materials.

Moreover, you can post a photo of the key team members. In this way, you can demonstrate that your company is very proud of the talented employees and value them a lot. There is no room for a doubt, that it will positively influence the brand image.

Showcase the credentials

If your company has any certifications or has won awards, you should mention them on the About Us page. It proves that your company provides the high quality products or services, which customers can trust. In fact, even if people have never heard about this very award, they intuitively understand its value.

However, you should add information about the latest company’s achievements very carefully in order to avoid the bragging. Don’t ever tell that your product is the best of the best in the world. Just write a phrase “our company is proud of…” and list the most important certifications.

Don’t forget about SEO

While you are trying your best crafting interesting content for the About Us page, don’t forget about the SEO rules, which you should follow. First of all, keep the sentences and paragraphs short, use subheadings and bulleted lists. Also you should avoid an extensive use of the passive voice, because it worsens the readability.

Moreover, you should focus your attention on proper usage of the long tail keywords, in order to drive more traffic to the webpage. Finally, you can add a few imternal links to relevant content, so visitors will continue browsing your site for longer.

Final Thoughts

The major mission of an About Us page is to tell a unique story of your company and make visitors trust your brand. You should write content applying the style and tone of voice, which are the most appealing to the target audience. Try to find the words which will touch the hearts of your customers, and your website will work extremely effectively.

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