5 Ways To Boost Time On Site With Engaging Web Design

Websites are the primary means for businesses to engage with millions of prospective customers online. However, retaining visitors and converting them to long-term customers through creative web design is just as critical as attracting them in the first place.

There are a variety of different aspects that can play a significant role in website functionality that will benefit both customers and businesses alike.

1. Efficient Navigational Features

Customers shouldn’t have to search hard to find the information that they are looking for. Redesign your pages so that visitors don’t waste time navigating from one page to the next. Don’t try to be unique and different just for the sake of it. Navigational menus should be clearly visible and maintain a standard that visitors find easy to use and are familiar with.

2. Simplicity In Design And Balance In Tone

Simplicity in web design is key to ensuring that visitors understand your brand message quickly and easily at a glance. Remove the clutter for a clean, clear and functional layout. This will also help ensure faster loading speeds and easier navigation.

Simpler site designs are easier to optimize for mobile devices so that the site can be accessed and used across a variety of different devices and platforms.

Using technical or formal language is a good way to get visitors to leave your site without reading further. They will find a competing site that uses language that is easy to understand.

Keep the tone of the site balanced which is the ideal mix between professional language and terms that are easy to grasp. People are more interested in finding information that is trustworthy than technical. So make sure that this is the tone that you adopt without sounding arrogant.

Including references and testimonials is a great way to reinforce trustworthiness and build a strong online reputation without having to toot your own horn about your expertise.

It is just as important to be aware of your target market when choosing the tone. It is imperative to speak the same language as the people with whom you are trying to engage with. Talk to users to find out how they are talking and incorporate these into your tone. Make sure to find out about the topics they are interested in.

3. Call To Action

A call to action button is where visitors are converted into customers and encourages them to make a buying decision or take a specific action. For example, you may want them to share a page, complete a survey or make a purchase with a call to action.

The call to action must stand out from the other design elements so that it is easily visible and simple to locate. A visitor should never have to wonder what they should do next. The text must be short and to the point so that every visitor understands exactly what to do.

4. Contact Details

Be sure to include all contact details on your website. Visitors should be able to contact you via their preferred channel. Having multiple channels available for communication shows that your business is available and that you appreciate feedback from customers and visitors alike.

Apart from the usual phone numbers, email addresses and physical address, it is imperative to add contact information for different social media platforms. Research shows that internet users are more likely to use social media to get in contact with brands than traditional means of communication.

Social media also provides a means to interactively engage with internet users on an ongoing basis. However, it is not just important to be available on these platforms. Social media maintenance and management is of utmost importance to enable constant responses and interaction with visitors and customers.

5. Images, Videos And Media

Images, videos and other types of media make your website more attractive to users. They are the primary means for capturing the attention of an audience and holding it for longer.

According to the experts of Pronto Finance, “case studies have shown that a 100% increase in visitors for some websites that include visual content. Watching a video or referring to a schematic is easier than reading pages and pages of content and will decrease the bounce rate. This said, visual or audio media should never replace content. The ideal is a combination of content and media that complement one another.

However, media can have a negative impact on loading time. Visitors are more likely to leave a site quickly due to slow loading time (especially on mobile devices) than for any other reason. Choose only relevant media that is short, sweet and to the point to lower the load-time.

In conclusion – Attract visitors with whom you can create a positive relationship and then connect with them to start an open conversation. Ensure that your web design features engage your visitors and that you are willing to take on-board what they have to say about your website, business and services. These points should be included in every engaging web design strategy.


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