7 Content Marketing Components That Ensure Traffic Boost

When starting a business there will be many things you will have to face in order to drive people to your website to sell your products or services. You may be wondering what steps do you need to take in order for this to happen and be effective. You might also think that your content is already suitable, however, make no mistake, there’s always an opportunity for improvement.

Here are seven effective marketing components that can help you ensure good traffic boosts to your business.

1. Blogs

Blogs have been around for years and many businesses have been successful at producing them, yet others have failed. A blog is an extension of a company that is sharing either update information about their products and services or educational bits customers can use. Surprisingly, boosts to your website SEO traffic can literally come from a single blog post. The main goal of a blog is to keep it informative and engaging so it lasts longer and customers can get something out of it. It’s also a good idea to insert links with relevant information or that answers a customer’s question. Your topic ideas should be researched thoroughly to make sure you are speaking to the correct audience for your website and business. Using this method and taking the time to properly structure your blog as a trustworthy effective post, will go a long way.

2. Articles

By presenting a list of articles on your site, you’re giving the reader and potential buyers, options to learn more about your company and products, such as lash boost. That said, your articles should stand out, be informative and most of all provide a consistent opportunity for readers to engage with your business. Insert links and make sure you’re using effective keywords. All content should be free of grammar mistakes or spelling errors. This is very crucial because a badly written article can hurt a business’s credibility and ruin consumer trust.

3. Keyword optimization

Choose the right type of keywords in your content. Your goal for keyword optimization is to structure your particular content around secondary keywords. Get in the habit of using Google keyword planner or another keyboard software that can give you highly searched relevant effective keywords. Make sure you incorporate primary keywords on your site to target readers and drive them to the site. Try using exact long tail keywords in subheadings or headings to increase keyword usage. It’s imperative you touch on topics users are searching for.

4. Images

Visual images are powerful. Oftentimes consumers or readers relate to a specific image instead of reading long drawn out text. One image or photo alone can spark a reader’s interest to visit your site. We live in the world today where people surf the internet and are bombarded with thousands of content to sift through. Place attractive and alluring images on your site that that catches readers eyes and interest. Having strong visual assets even provides opportunities to where you can create links to your site. Lengthy content can scare people away, but a great visual image brings them to your site in the first place. Research has shown that nearly 65 per cent of people is actually visual learners. Instead of plugging in images from Google search, try using infographics or easy to understand diagrams that match your content. All images should effectively communicate, explain a particular theory or present data in a way to where it’s exciting.

5. Competition

One thing you will find for sure is that competition is everywhere. The best thing you can do for your company finds out who the competition is. By doing this, you could at least beat the competition by reading their posts and researching their material. Focus on writing epic content. Take a look at what the competition is doing so you can measure your own content around it. This is a vital research tool. Sift through their site and look at what keywords are being used and how they engage with customers.

6. Guest Posting

This can hugely increase your traffic if done properly. Posting from an authority or influencer who is an expert puts you on the same level as them. Guest posts should already have the attention of many consumers. It helps you get in front of a relevant audience which often times can be very large. It also gives you the chance to establish credibility when you provide an article that is valuable especially from a reputable site. Viable content attracts readers who will stay on your site and read more. This type of blogging can also give you back-links. In addition to that, these links to a well-known site can make your posts rank higher on any search engine.

You can also opt for reviews and rating kind of articles when yours is a product-based company. Take an example of Rodan and Fields’ lash boost article where they have a written review including all the key features that this product has to offer.

Here are some tips that can help your guest blogging effectively.

  1. Know who your customers are
  2. Know where they are
  3. Always provide great content
  4. Establish Relationships and network building

7. Links

When deciding to put links into your content or within your website, you must consider who your link partners are. The goal here is to find good sources for traffic driving links that can go a long way and bring you, new customers. One step you can take is to find the competitors publications that are driving their traffic. You should be able to find tools that reveal what top referral sources they are currently using. Once you do this, you will discover who is linking to your specific competitors in your market. After choosing a link partner, review your work to determine success. On a monthly basis, make a habit of checking Google analytics for all referral traffic to analyse which are bringing in traffic to your site.

Companies are always finding ways to better engage with their customers and attract new ones to their sites. Taking the time to do the research, when it comes to posting guest blogs or even articles, will be worth the time spent. Driving traffic to your site doesn’t have to be a hassle. Observe the competition and review their site traffic and find out what is bringing customers to their businesses. These 7 tips should give you a good idea on how to ensure a genuine traffic boost to your site over a period of time.

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