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6 Tips for working with a web designer

If you are like most people, you probably think you can just set up a website very easily and start making money from all of the people who will be visiting your site.

However, it is not that easy to set up a website that will catch on with people. You need to employ the services of a good experienced web designer in order to craft a website that people are going to like and keep coming back to visit.

Before you work with the web designer, you need to know how to work with them in order to get the best results. Knowing how to work with the web designer can help you to stem the stress that can occur during the design process. The project will go much more smoothly when you are on the same page as the web designer and can work as a team.



1. You can do anything with enough time and money

a web designers time is money Web designers love to create new, functional and beautiful interfaces. That is why we get into the business. We will be game to try almost anything. If you have an idea that is sort of out there, go ahead and let us know.

We will want to do whatever we can to make it a reality. In fact, the more ‘out there’ ideas are sure to energise us and get us more excited to deliver even better, more inspired work. We will have to try new things and push ourselves in order to accomplish the goal.

The only downside to trying something new and adventurous is that it might take more time and money to accomplish. The web designer will need more time to try things and learn more in order to design something that has never been done before this.

That means that more time will be necessary to complete the project. More time means more money.

There may be a need to purchase plugins or other resources in order to accomplish something really ambitious. That means that you will need to budget a little bit more before embarking on an ambitious, adventurous new creative design process. You may want to discuss your budget with the web designer when figuring out the design at the outset.

Make sure we know how much you can spend so that he does not get halfway into the project and run out of money. Nobody wins in that situation.



2. Web design is different from print design

You need to remember that a web designer is very different from a print designer. We are similar because we are designers, but you need to think of the two as being different. Many people make the mistake of bringing images to the web designer and expecting us to replicate them on the website.

The website is going to look different on different browsers and they render their pages differently. The web designer cannot always rectify this. You can ask why the site looks different on the screen from how a print out of it looks, however it probably is not going to be worth the money to try to match it up exactly.



3. Web design takes time

Websites may look like they can be setup fairly quickly but this is not always the case. The designer will want to work with you to complete the website on your timeline. However, you might need to adjust your timetable if the web designer says that the project is going to take longer to complete.

It takes longer to make sites that load quickly. Complexity also adds time to the design process. Each minor change request will take time to be completely implemented. Larger requests may take a week or longer. Web designers stay very busy servicing multiple clients.

You will need to work with us to make sure that we always know what needs to be done on the project. This will save you time and help us to schedule the work on your site between the important design tasks we have to complete for the rest of our clients.



4. Colours will be a challenge

Most brands use specific colours that have been chosen from CMYK colour choices. However, branding departments can become very frustrated when they realise that computers do not use CMYK colours. They can be converted to the RGB colours that are used on the web, but they will not be exactly the same.

Each monitor is calibrated differently. There are many different factors that affect the way the colours will look on the screen so you need to adjust your expectations so that you will not become frustrated. You are not going to be able to hold up a print out to the computer and match up the colours perfectly.

Letting go of little things like this is a big step towards successfully designing a functional and popular webpage. Trying to match up colours to the exact hue is a waste of time that can be spent on more important aspects of the design.



5. Implementing databases and e-commerce requires effort and time

Creating an e-commerce site is much harder than creating an ordinary website. E-commerce sites require much more time and programming in order to design properly. The different widgets they use can demand much more time for designers to work on in order to get things working correctly and looking good. Remember, more time = more cost.



6. Remember that the web designer is being hired for a reason

You are hiring a web designer because you need help creating the website and getting it running properly. You need to remember that and be sure that you treat the web designer with the respect he deserves. He should be heard and his opinions need to be respected. After all, he has your best interests in mind and wants the project to be a success too.

He wants to be able to proudly show other clients your website. This will help you to build a solid working relationship with him that will yield more productive and fruitful results. Treating the web designer well will ensure that he will be open to working with you again.

Any good designer has his pick when it comes to finding jobs to do. As such he will be looking forward to working with a great client as much as you are looking forward to working with a great designer.


By Aaron Enright

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