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6 Effective Tips for Writing Compelling CTAs

After working hard to produce quality content, you may wonder why you need CTAs?

The below stats answers your questions:

  • Facebook pages with CTAs can increase click-through rates by 285%.
  • Kimberly Snyder experienced a 144%hike in conversions by adding a CTA after an informational video.
  • Emails with CTAs boosted clicks by 371%.

So, this is the power of Call-to-Action buttons. They go along with your sales funnel and direct visitors on what to do next. Shop Now, Order Here, and Get a Free Coupon are just a few examples.

Consider a scenario in which you are successful in getting massive traffic. Visitors are reading your content too. But, where do they need to go after knowing about your brand?

CTAs help in getting this direction. But why don’t every other brand increase conversion through CTAs? Because creating these buttons is not as simple as it sounds!

There are numerous considerations and strategies behind effective CTAs. Want to learn them? Read the below tips:


1-   Use a Perfect Colour Scheme 

Make your CTAs visually appealing to increase the chances of getting more clicks and conversions. For example, choose a Colour that goes well with the background. Some common color options are mentioned below:


People often relate red with a sense of urgency or a sign to stop. It shows enthusiasm and harmoniously combines with a wide array of backgrounds.

Check out the red CTA button on the streaming platform Netflix. The color stands out and provokes the visitors to ‘get started.’


Green is a signal of “Go.” It is a color of peace and prosperity. Businesses related to mental health, environment, and nature commonly use green as their CTA button.


Colors like orange and yellow are related to the warmth of the sun. They are considered a sign of happiness and evoke people to take action.


2-  Select a Suitable Shape, Size, and Font 

Shape, size, and font are the three core design elements. They can make or break the visual outlook of your CTA. Let us discuss each of them:


There is no perfect size for a CTA. Look at your overall website or email content and see what suits your CTA button. Make sure that the size increases its aesthetic value. Also, note that too big CTA buttons can sometimes create confusion. Users might think it is unclickable and overlook it.


As far as the shape is concerned, circular edges are preferred. Since the human brain requires less cognitive effort in looking at the circular corners, they are used widely in CTAs.


When it comes to the font, maintain the same style for your whole website, email, and social media page. A consistent font is less likely to confuse the readers and keep them engaged. However, make sure that it is clear and easy to read.


3-  Reduce the Fear Factor by Displaying Clarity 

CTAs are short but need to be clear too. People often resist clicking on CTAs that are unclear. They have a fear of wasting time or landing on an unnecessary page. However, if you make things clear, they will be tempted to take action and go for a click.

Check out the below example of Shutterstock:

It has used the surrounding copy to clarify the CTA. The content reveals that people can easily cancel subscriptions anytime. Thus, they have no fear of clicking on it.

Likewise, people will feel reluctant if you use CTAs vaguely like Shop Now, Buy Here, Order Today. Some visitors do not even read the full content; they prefer reading what the CTA is about. Therefore, the statements above the CTA can make a significant difference.

You can even use images or videos to clarify the CTA in place of text. However, make sure you get your images from a reliable high quality image website like Stock Photo Secrets.


4- Increase Focus through the Right Placement

Cluttered CTAs with too much text, images, and lack of space can confuse the visitors. They will not just bounce back but also get a negative impression. A professional and well-designed website always considers the proper placement for CTAs.

Make sure to present them in a way that there is enough white space around them. It will automatically increase the focus on the button. Though images, videos, and text are important, keep them at some distance.

The Canvas Prints presents a great example of the correct placement:


5-  Provoke Visitors by Revealing User Benefit 

Common CTAs like Buy Now, Shop Here, and Click Today are present on every other site. Think something different and see how you can provoke visitors to click!

One ideal way is to show them the benefit of clicking. Yes, when users know that something is beneficial for them, they won’t give a second thought before researching more. For instance, you can write Get a Free Trial instead of writing Get a Trial.

Here, users will know about getting a free trial if they click. Thus, they will be more tempted to check the offer. You can show discount offers, deals, and other benefits in your CTAs.


6- Incorporate Sense of Urgency 

Make your CTAs even more powerful by adding a sense of urgency. Consider the above example of a free trial. If you specify the time, it will show urgency and tempt users to take quick action. Like, Get a free trial for 5 days. Other examples are:

  • Enjoy 30% off on valentine’s day
  • Free counseling for 24 hours
  • Free subscription for first 50 customers

Some experts also use countdown timers in the surrounding areas. They encourage action after the user has built anticipation about the offer. However, a precise countdown timer is essential for reaping its maximum benefit. It means showing the exact hours, minutes, and even seconds. For instance, we can show a countdown timer above the CTA “Flat 50% off for 3 days”.

The timer will show the time left before the sale ends.


CTAs are the Lifeblood for Every Site 

All in all, CTAs have a drastic impact on conversions. A well-written and compelling CTA can boost your business revenue in no time. Tips like the perfect color, appropriate design, and the correct placement can make the CTA more effective. Besides this, incorporating urgency by showing countdown timers will positively impact results. You can also reveal benefits and provoke users easily.

So, combine all these tips and create a perfect CTA to enjoy more conversions.

All the best!

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