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Killer SEO Checklist

When it comes to SEO there are a lot of factors that you need to look at such as heading tags, robots.txt, broken links, responsive web design, quality content and more. But, with time the process of SEO keeps changing. What worked last year may not work today and thus, keeping yourself updated on the latest SEO strategies and trends is important.

Since, SEO is the key element through which you can improve your brandís visibility on search engines, implementing an effective SEO strategy on your website can help you to not only increase your siteís traffic but it will also ensure that your site achieves higher rankings on search engines.

Thus, with this thought in mind, hereís a detailed infographic that has listed down the best 75+ SEO techniques that you need to implement on your website. These tried and tested SEO techniques will help you to optimize your website and will help you to achieve both traffic as well as higher ranking on SERPs.

Whatís more, you can download this infographic for free and keep it handy for future use. So take a look at this impressive infographic and implement these excellent tips and tricks on your site to achieve SEO success.


killer seo checklist infographic

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