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5 Visual Content Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Have you thrown yourself into visual content marketing in a bid to convert leads and grow your business? By now, you may have realized that content marketing is not a walk in the park. A lot of effort is involved, and if you do not see the results you expected, you may be making some content marketing mistakes that are sabotaging your hard work. We’ll explore five content marketing mistakes that are hindering progress and what you can do to avoid them. Let’s dive in.

1. Writing for Humans, and Not Search Engines

When you’re coming up with your content marketing strategy, you need to remember humans don’t think like computers. Therefore, it’s important to understand how they work. With the internet being the biggest marketplace for anything you want to sell, people depend on it to give them the best results. Google ranks highly websites that optimize SEO. This is one of the latest content marketing trends. So, use keywords that more people are likely to include in their search for the products or services you offer.

Place yourself in the shoes of your target audience and try to think like them. What are they interested in? What content do they want to see? Then try to offer exactly what they are looking for. To rank highly on search engines, you will need to place and manage your keywords smartly. You can enrol some of your staff in a content marketing institute if your in-house team is under-qualified.

2. Making Assumptions About Your Audience

Stop trying to sell too much. Instead, focus on answering your readers’ questions and solving their problems. After all, that is their main interest. What may seem important to you may not necessarily be what your audience is looking for. To understand the needs of your target audience, you have to conduct extensive research. What does your audience want from you? Understanding your visitors’ interests and patterns will give you insights into how you can best address their needs.

Provide solutions for your target audience, and you will have many converts to actual customers. For instance, if you sell dietary supplements such as vitamin D and calcium, you can let your visitors know how supplements reduce bone loss and keep bones stronger rather than telling them to buy your supplements. By providing such information, your content marketing efforts will pay off sooner rather than later.

3. Skipping Visuals

The importance of visuals in content marketing efforts cannot be overemphasized. The font, style, alphabet size, and numbers are important on your website. They are the reason why some pages or articles capture the attention of your audience more than others. Small fonts may fail to attract much attention, and similarly, using complicated fonts can make it difficult for your audience to read. Therefore, choosing the right font size and type is crucial. 

A case in point: the right colors and themes on gaming website offering slots no deposit bonus have helped attract the right audience to the site. Another example is a disinfectant soap company using green in their ads to attract their target audience. This is effective because most people associate green with fresh qualities. Also, using red, orange, or yellow colors in food commercials has been proven to increase appetite and make people feel hungry. 

In your content marketing plan, it’s vital to incorporate videos, gifs, or photos. At the same time, too much media usage can increase your page load time and make your site seem unprofessional. A slow and cluttered website will lead to a drop in the traffic, which means lost opportunities. So, use visuals sparingly. In the same vein, ensure your website is responsive to make it accessible from mobile apps for Android and iPhone users. 

A responsive design increases conversions. Google reports that if visitors have a positive interaction with your mobile website, they are 67 percent more likely to convert.

4. You Don’t Have a Plan

Before going ahead and advertising your products and services on the internet, it’s crucial to have a plan. Having a content strategy plan has been shown to increase content marketing ROI, and the vice versa is true. To successfully market your content and grow your business, you need to come up with content marketing goals. 

If your objective is to focus on a customer niche, say vegan products, you should plan your content strategy to target your specific audience to help you achieve your goal. Do intensive research on the topic because readers can spot someone who isn’t knowledgeable in the subject of interest. If it’s a blog where readers can ask questions, ensure you give informative, factual, and useful answers.

5. Lacking Uniqueness

In content marketing, producing unique content is crucial for a business’s success online. Otherwise, creating similar content to competitor sites may stain your reputation. Uniqueness is not only in the content itself but also in how it is presented. It would be best to avoid using almost the same designs as your competitors. 

That said, it is essential to know what your competitors are offering. As such, you will be able to develop your own unique content to counter the competition. Your content and advertising strategy should be out of the box and stay in the minds of your target audience for a long. Using amazing audiovisuals and graphics can play a  crucial role in your marketing success. In essence, your content shouldn’t be basic, and you should always ensure you follow the latest trends in content marketing to stay ahead of the curve.

Final Word

With careful planning, you can avoid falling prey to some pitfalls in content marketing. The five mistakes we’ve highlighted also come with pretty simple strategies to ensure you have an effective plan that helps you convert leads and grow your business exponentially. Have you steered clear of any mistakes we’ve mentioned? Please share your story with us and let us know the rewards you’ve reaped.

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