5 Marketing Tactics Used by Professionals You Need to Know

Marketing Strategis

Stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in”  – Craig Davis, former  Chief Creative Officer at J, Walter Thompson

Marketing tactics can simply be referred to as what is done to bring in new business opportunities and increase a company’s reputation or visibility. These strategies are designed with the sole purpose of capturing new and better markets, brand building and also creating and developing new leads to drive quick growth and attain higher level of profit.

The techniques are suitable for both online and offline customers. The online technique has to do with ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, company website, and social media platforms. Local SEO service is employed here to help market the business online. The offline technique covers one on one engagement, speaking engagements, etc. All these are structured to reach the target audience right where they are.

It’s without doubt that standard marketing matches the value of the business with the customers. This isn’t big news for even a marketing 101 lecture but it is the basis of the whole process.  In product market there isn’t one best strategy suitable for all forms of businesses. New tactics are being introduced every day to meet the ever changing demands of the target audience. Professional service firms are not in the market out of sheer luck or just having a product or service that sells. These professionals take advantage of what works to improve their respective brands in the market place. With changing market comes innovation and design structured to bring results.

The target of the professional business brand is to beat the competition and keep staying in business. For this purpose, substantial and sweeping marketing changes are made. It becomes imperative to have a marketing strategy. Developing a marking strategy entails serious and careful planning so as to gain an upper hand over the competing markets by utilizing existing possibilities. Companies first begin by first analyzing and having a clear understanding of the present situation in order to determine the target market.

A social media marketing industry report where 5,700 markets were surveyed just to have a better understanding on how marketers use social media to grow business was released. Mark Zuckerberg’splatform, facebook tops the list as the most used social media platform with 97%. Instagram, one of the fastest growing social media platform followed suite coming second with 66% of marketers making use of it, with a 12% rise from 2007. Coming third is twitter which suffered a decrease in population, from 68% to 62%. Linkedin followed with 56%, then youtube 50%, pinterest 27%, and snapchat 8%.

There is a question of what kind of content is best to share on social media. For starters, the content has to be engaging and interesting to share so as to keep the interest of customers high. It should be noted that these platforms are content specific so care has to be taken to share the right kind of content. Visual images is mostly used by marketers (37%), followed by blogging with 27% in second place, then video in third place at 24%.

Below are the major marketing methods or tactics that professionals use to generate more business traffic and better distributionof their company’s products.


Most start-ups make use of this strategy. The pricing strategy are of different kinds, start-up tech companies in their first week or first few months of operation make their services free and easily accessible but then charge  higher prices once the customers develop an interest for the product.

Coca-cola used an approach similar to this, making it tough for their competition to be challenged. For 73 years, (1886-1959) coca-cola held a fixed price of 5cents per bottle. Their competition Pepsi knew that if they increased their price, the customers would go for the cheaper brand and also if the price is lowered, the consumers would assume the brand has lowered its standard.

The pricing control employed by apple is that of price control which the tech giant used to their benefit. Demand for apple prodcts is high despite the competition, thus giving apple power over prices through their one of a kind advertisement, brand loyalty, and product innovation. The products developed by this tech giant are amazing and offers unmatchable benefits no other product in the market renders. It also has software which is incomparable to others hence apple’s price is justifiable since the customer is paying for superior quality.

Apple controlled the prices of their products such that even the retailers, resellers and dealers weren’t left out. The sellers were given minimal wholesale discounts so as to prevent the retailers from passing these discounts to customers. Apple is of the habit of not settling for price reduction to gain new customers that’s why none of their products are found on black Friday or cyber Tuesday. The team at apple instead strives for new and exciting customer experience, making their users hooked and loyal to the brand.



This strategy has been adopted by companies. Trust they say is a commodity that has to be earned. Companies like colgate made use of this strategy to become one of the trusted companies in the world. This trust was gained by colgate by way of educating their customers and letting in on how the colgate brand is built to work for their benefit.

The trust strategy also makes use of an oral center which is filled with informative videos, articles on hygiene and how to prevent our cavities from the risk of having an oral infection. Information and videos that teaches customers how to floss and brush effectively are available too.

Studies have suggested that once a customer is offered something for free by the hand of a brand, they become pleased with the brand, patronize the brand next time and also suggest such a brand to their friends. In generating this long-term relationship and building consumer trust, colgate makes use of a multi-million dollars marketing project to make this a reality.

3. SEO

There’s a wrong perception that search engine optimization (SE0) entails just editing existing content. There’s really more to it than changing keywords. Customers do have needs, isn’t that’s why business exists, to meet the needs of customers and this is done by optimizing a digital market audience.

SEO is one of the best tactics applicable for online marketing. Users of the internet would always see a certain thread of information occurring after the input of a search item. This is a result of SEO. The SEO platform is a reliable method used for creating high quality leads. Under search engine optimization (SEO), it is probable to find a host of techniques designed to ensure that contents gets to the right audience, but it should be also noted that the content should be valuable and well written for the target audience. Local SEO service is also employed to cover all the aspect of online marketing.


According to business insider, approximately 94% of the total world population knows of the coca-cola. Since 1923, after the logo of the corporation was normalized it was left untouched, while the option of packaging was left to adjust to the changing times. This is a logo that is more than 100 years old. Despite this long period of time, the brand is still identified with “feeling good and staying refreshed”. The reason for all this is simply because coca-cola kept their brand identity and product consistent. Coca-cola Being one of the world’s largest companies owns a very huge percentage of the beverage market and also has so many other products using different names. This shows that for a brand like Coca-cola to last this long in the beverage industry, consistency is definitely key.

The Coca-cola marketing tactic is very conservative but consistent. It’s brand image, identity and commitment doesn’t look tactical but be rest assured it is.


80% of the top companies in the world are active on social media. What information does that pass?

In this age of technology and new innovations, having a social media presence is necessity for a business to grow. Brand identity, trust and authority are established on social media. Social media is an open gate to the preferences of fans and it also gives consumers the platform to engage with the brand. Companies like Starbucks have a huge presence on twitter, instagram, and facebook. Starbucks page is filled with users due to the following reasons:

  • They make it a habit to respond to their twitter followers. This helps to build a stronger relationship with their customers.
  • They are good at creating unique hash-tags that goes viral
  • Their feeds are filled with interesting Gifs, videos and images.

Starbucks are popular with the competitions and promotions that are held through their social media platforms. It is no coincidence that their feeds and hash-tags turn out to be viral sensation. The company like all others allocates a good portion of their marketing budget on social media and has a team of professionals ready to deliver.

These are but a few of the strategies used by professionals operating within the most successful enterprises in the world. Marketing is business hence, little kiosks to multinational companies can be differentiated by those professional tactics employed for the same goal of expanding and developing of customers satisfaction. Using these methods guarantee success and should be inside every business minded individuals’ to-do list.


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