46 Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks (Infographic)

First of all, what is a conversion rate? It is defined as the percentage of visitors who completed a desired action on your website. A very useful method in which analytics and feedback from users can be used to increase the performance of a website is known as conversion rate optimization.

The systematic process that CRO is increases the number of visitors that become customers on the webpage. Increasing revenue, getting satisfied customers who also give reviews, growing the business, etc, can be achieved if the conversion rate is boosted.

It is important to build traffic with people that want to see the page or campaign, as sellers want people to go through the following “path”: 1. See the advertisement; 2. Click the advertisement; 3. Buy the product.

This is the basic logic and customer interaction you’d like to have and ecommerce site builders like Magento and WordPress provide enough tools to achieve just that. However, you must do your homework and set up the best possible path for customer interaction and engagement.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the internet grew a lot and the competition got bigger, so the companies that used ecommerce needed to improve their website performances. That’s where CRO came into play. Whether improving the layouts, copy texts, offers or images, or blogging, many tools were created which enabled internet marketers to find the solutions that work best for their sites.

In the years that followed, ecommerce optimization became bigger, as it incorporated newer elements and strategies. The elements included are: user flow, navigation, mobile, homepage or purchase. It is important to pay attention to all of them so that the visitor is enjoying himself while browsing the website and eventually becoming a satisfied customer.

The goal that most online stores want is a +2% conversion rate and in the infographic that follows, you can read about a lot of tricks and hacks to help you with that.

Original infographic supplied by Web Site Builder.



Thanks to https://websitebuilder.org/resources/ for the infographic

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